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Behind Her Eyes Book VS Netflix Review

Thursday, March 11, 2021

Behind Her Eyes is a novel written by Sarah Pinborough. The book was published in 2017. It's one of those stories that make you spellbound for weeks. Too bad, I wish I had read it before seeing the Netflix version. The whole experience had been gravely watered down, the ending totally spoiled... 😂 But then again, I wouldn't have known about the novel if not for the series. 

In fairness, the TV version had closely represented what was in the book, but there are just elements in a novel that are impossible to portrait in a movie, such as a character's intentions behind her actions. Then there are also details that can't be given justice on screen.

I won't be reiterating the plot here. I have written about it on my previous post, "Behind Her Eyes Netflix: You'll Never Guess The Ending." If you have either watched the Netflix series or read the book (or both), it is my pleasure to compare notes with you. 😉

First of all, I like the book better but that's because I am just generally inclined to like the book versions. After all, I love reading but not very much watching. 

But I really love the casting of the Netflix series. The actors/actresses portrayed their characters very well that it was hard to imagine otherwise while reading the book. There were huge variances though, such as Louise who was described to be blonde instead of Jamaican like the actress, Simona Brown. Rob had long dark hair and was spotty and skinny in the book in contrast to Robert Aramayo's skin head and buff built. But for me, Eve Hewson was perfect for Adele and she was versatile enough to be the gentle and beautiful young Adele as well as the sinister but still beautiful older Adele.

One of the glaring differences I found was how the stories started. In the Netflix series, emphasis was given to the chance meeting between Louise and David, their first meeting. In the book, this scene was just a shadow in the form of conversation between Louise and her friend. The movie created a bigger impact to the audience and I think that this is important because it sets the foundation for us to understand Louise and David's characters.

Then there were scenes that made more sense to me after reading the book, the part where Adele got a black-eye in particular. Up to the end, I had to guess what really happened? Did Adele do that to create suspicions over David? What was she doing there anyway?

You wouldn't find out in the book too, but it was intentionally left that way until the last parts when the author slowly pieced together the clues. And I was like, "Ohhh so that's what happened," nodding my head while reading every word of the thrilling last chapters. Adele, or rather Rob, was buying heroin because she was already planning to steal Louise's body.

Chapter 27 - Louise was shocked to see the bruise on Adele's eye

One other part that was clearer in the book than the movie was the accidental meeting between Louise and Adele. It was easier to explain in the book that the meeting was actually staged by Adele whereas these details become unimportant in the movie.

In the book it had to be emphasized . At first, she was just planning to scare Louise, just like she did to Marianne, knowing about the attraction David had on her. But after she heard about Louise's night terrors, she changed her plans and decided that taking over Louise's body would be a better idea. That makes more sense why she "befriended" her husband's potential mistress.

I find this the creepiest scene in the entire series hahaha.

This scene was one of my faves in the series. I was waiting for a jump scare and it's really tense. Knowing that Adele's personality was so unpredictable, she could just jump anytime and plunge a knife on Louise's heart but none of that happened - she was actually just very weak from the heroin. As explained in the book, Adele was already "practicing" for the time when she will swap bodies again, this time with Louise.

After everything, I still give the book 5 stars - ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 

I gave 5 stars to the series as well, due to it's shocking double twisted ending. I was inclined to deduct 1 star though because Louise's character also took a double twist at the end from being the funny, bubbly and no-nonsense single mom to a foolish, stubborn, silly woman who plunged to her own demise.

However, I never felt any of those in the book. Again, as I have mentioned above, there are intentions that are impossible to portray on screen. Then time constraints - whereas you can lay down as much incidents in a book leading to the end, you don't have that liberty on screen.

So the folly of Louise's actions that caused her death in the end (and the consummation of Rob's plans) became a bit more realistic to me after reading the book. And poor Adam, he can tell something was off about her mom. Finally, at the last pages of the book, Rob, now in Louise's body, was actually planning to kill Adam soon. 

That made me hate Rob a little bit more in the book than in the show.

Still, who's gonna tell David? 

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Behind Her Eyes Netflix: You'll Never Guess The Ending

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Me: after watching the ending of Behind Her Eyes while my brain playing the whole series over again

A double twist at the ending, you'd scram to watch the series from the beginning just to see the clues you missed. 

Behind Her Eyes had me gobsmacked at the end. I watched it with my hubby one lazy Sunday afternoon. While I was putting my toddler to sleep, I picked up the TV remote and clicked whatever Netflix was recommending.

The show was number 1 on Netflix and I'd say, it is still there for a reason. I have never been as hooked into a story before, the plot, the twists and turns, the characters, every element has been amazingly interwoven, it makes you think even several days after.

By the end of episode 3, Darla had fallen asleep so I had to pause watching to carry her upstairs. While I was going up, I specifically instructed Nilo not to watch without me. 

He did. With the excuse that there was only 5 minutes left anyway and that he can replay it for me tonight. The complete and utter betrayal. But perhaps, that's how difficult it was to be left on cliffhanger, you'd betray even your dearest ones hahaha. I told him to zip it. No spoilers allowed please.

If you haven't watched it, you should probably stop reading here because... SPOILERS alert! You can come back after and let's swap notes.

So what's the hype about Behind Her Eyes?


Louise, a single mom with a 7-year-old boy was supposed to be enjoying a girls' night out but was ditched by her friend at the last minute. She was about to leave the bar but she accidentally bumped into a guy and spilled his drink on his shirt.

She didn't even know his name but he salvaged the night for her and they ended up liking each other. 

The next day at work, Louise was horrified to find out that the same guy was her new boss. Also, David (his name as plastered on his office door) was married. His beautiful wife was next to him the whole time they were being toured inside the office.

Twists and turns

Brace yourself, because that was just the first and mildest turn of events. Louise tried to cut off the ties as soon as she found out. However, she still got caught in the middle and even became friends with David's wife, Adele. 

It happened on one of her days off. After dropping Adam off to school, Louise accidentally bumped into a woman whom she recognised as her boss's wife. Adele invited her for coffee, shared a few life stories and made sure she got her number before they parted. The seemingly chance meeting ended up as a secret friendship between the two women.

Then Adam had gone to France with his dad for a month leaving Louise with plenty of alone time. Her well-meaning best friend, Sophie, advised she should use this time for herself.

She did. Unfortunately, it didn't turn out for her best in the end.


Despite initially rejecting David's advances, Louise ended up continuing an affair with him while her friendship with Adele also deepened in time.

David and Adele looked perfect for each other on the outside. But Louise was privy to the real deal: that their marriage was actually on the rocks. But why was David so angry and distant to Adele? And why did she still seem obsessed despite her husband's sickening treatment?

Why can't Adele walk away despite all her money? Was David controlling her? Was he using his profession as psychiatrist to play mind games with his wife? What about the meds he's forcing her to take?

The more she got to know the two, Louise felt more inclined to take Adele's side. While Adele was helping her with her nightmares, she wanted to free Adele in return.

But when David discovered their friendship and her plans to free Adele, he fired her from the job and threatened that she will get hurt if she did not stay away from them.

What was he hiding?


Flashbacks of Adele's earlier life showed that she spent her younger years inside a mental health facility. There, she made friends with a guy named Rob, a drug addict who also suffers from sleepwalking and nightmares. 

Despite their differences, Rob and Adele had an evident bond. She helped him got rid of his night terrors and also taught him about "astral projections," how to travel outside your body so you can go anywhere (as long as you have been to the place before) without anyone seeing you. While Rob helped make things better for Adele.

When they both got discharged from the rehab, Adele married David and signed all her riches under his care. Rob was worried that he was just after the money.

At this point I was thinking, "Aha! So Rob was the reason why David and Adele became estranged." (Turned out to be true, but not for the reasons I was thinking hehehe.)

But Rob was gay, he couldn't have gotten in between the two. Besides, when he visited his friend's mansion, he also met David and all his previous doubts disappeared.

David was madly in love with Adele. 

While it was a refreshing sight, still, no answers to the question. What happened?


During his visit at the mansion, Rob mysteriously ended up dead in the well with David's watch.

Panic-stricken, Adele dumped her friend's body when she found him dead from overdose. David wanted to tell the police but Adele begged him not to for fear of being locked away again. She was ready to go anywhere and leave everything behind as long as they could stay together.

But it was never the same for David. His confessions to Louise revealed that he never recovered over Rob's death and he was baffled that Adele quickly moved on as if the boy's death was nothing!

Slowly, it's dawning on me that the villain here was not David after all, but Adele.


As soon as Louise learned how to "astral project," she also realised that Adele had been spying on her and David all along. David and Louise finally united to work against Adele.

Unfortunately, Louise had already sent a letter to the police pointing David as possible suspect for Rob's death. Instead of getting angry though, David thought her actions had set him free and right there and then, decided that he'd go to the police himself to tell the story. 

These last scenes have become a bit laughable actually but the next ones were hilarious. David made Louise promise to stay away from Adele while he sort things out - yet she did just the opposite. 

She dropped Adam off to his dad, told Adele about David's plan to confess and... what did she expect? That Adele would meekly surrender? "F- OFF!" (Adele's words, not mine hehehe).

So Adele decided to end everything by burning their house down. But before she did, she sent messages to Louise that she's taking suicide: it's all a lure and it worked.

Louise rushed and found the house already burning. Instead of calling the fire department, she stationed herself by the front door to astral project inside.

Whatever her purposes were, I'm not sure. That's what actually keeps me thinking up to now. What could she possibly do while roaming around as a spirit? Wasn't she concerned that her own body could burn? 

Based on her next actions, I believe she planned to possess Adele's body, take it out of the burning house and maybe even walk it down the police station and behind the bars. 

Then she'd astral project to come back to her body - if she's lucky, it hasn't burn down.

Really, Louise? Photo source here

The End

Unfortunately, Louise's plans failed. First off, Adele realised she'd do just as she did, so she injected just enough heroin to immobilise her body. While Louise was inside, Adele's spirit took over Louise's body. Using Louise's body, she went in and injected more heroin in Adele's body, killing it with Louise's spirit inside.

In short, Louise died. Her last words were Adam... sad I know. She stuck her nose into some other's business and now it costed her life... scary too.

But wait, that's not the end.

Flashbacks of Adele and Rob reveals what happened on the night Rob died. 

Rob convinced Adele to swap bodies, just for "fun." But once Adele was inside Rob's body, she couldn't move - Rob's had previously loaded his body with heroine. She begged for him to switch back but realised that Rob had no plans of giving her body back anymore. 

Rob, in Adele's body, injected more heroin in his own body, killing it with Adele inside.

So all along, it was Rob living inside Adele's body.

No wonder, David said she no longer shines and that he doesn't know her anymore.

Rob, now in Louise's body, greeted David as soon as he got back from the police. They hugged and kissed, while saying, "It's over."

Poor Adam, feeling something was off with his mother, no longer felt loved and cared for.

David and Louise (now possessed by Rob) got married. On their way to their honeymoon, Louise wouldn't even pay attention to Adam. When David asked his step-son where he wanted to go for the family honeymoon, Louise interjects, "the Caribbean cruise."

Adam pointed out, "But you hate boats! You always said you hate boats."

David looked puzzled while Louise gave the boy a death-stare, "Maybe, I've changed," with the creepiest smile plastered on her face.

Who's gonna tell David?

Behind Her Eyes is deserving of 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ for its incredible double twist. However, I'm inclined to deduct a star because:

Louise's character also took a double turn from being smart and lovable at the beginning to a silly, stubborn girl at the end but, I'm letting go of that because the whole story still keeps me hungry after days.

In fact, look! The book version! I canI't wait to read it, might push this on top of my reading list while it's fresh hehehe.

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Movie Review: The Healing

Sunday, July 10, 2016

I know this movie had been released 4 years ago but I have just recently watched it and I found it interesting so I thought why not make a review? Or at least narrate our experience while watching the movie.

Last Sunday, S. Cecil invited us to have dinner at their house. While at their house, S. Cookie with her husband and 2 little boys joined us too. While waiting for S. Cecil's husband to finish cooking pancit, we decided to watch a movie.

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The Lorax: My Kids' Latest Fave

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Picture here
I think it has been almost a month since I introduced this new movie to my kids. That was after we all got fed up and felt the need for something to replace Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, which was Daisy's addiction before The Lorax. For five times a day, she'd ask someone to play the DVD and dance to all its musical part. I was successful with the divertion except that she got hooked with Lorax instead. For five times a day, she'd ask someone to play the DVD and dance to all its musical part. But wait a minute, didn't I just said that already?

Anyway, not that I'm complaining. I enjoyed the movie myself. For me, the whole 1 and half hour was action-packed so there never was a dull moment. Plus, the Once-ler was very comical and I can't help but laugh at so many of his naughtiness particularly his reaction when he realized that the Lorax was the one who sent his bed to the river haha.

Who wouldn't want a movie that's so full of laughter, good music, profound insights, and could tug at the heartstrings at the perfect timing? That's the quality of the whole movie package. I believe it had been altered from its original book basis which was written by Dr. Seuss. But the changes made were graceful and actually made the story better perhaps.

So what's the fuss about The Lorax? The Lorax was a mythical creature "who speaks for the trees because they don't have tongue." He was accidentally summoned by the Once-ler when he chopped down a Truffula tree to make his all-purpose invention the "thneed." The Lorax tried to drive him away from the "paradise" except that the Once-ler promised never to chop down another tree again.

When his invention turned a success though, the dilemma started. The Once-ler called on his family to help him with his business, but lazy as they were, they disagreed to harvesting the "thneed" materials the nature-friendly way and coaxed the Once-ler to chop down trees. In the end, greed had gotten the best of him, he forgot his promise never to chop down trees again, and "biggered" his company, factory and corporate sign.

Soon his "biggering" activities destroyed the paradise but the Once-ler was so focused with his success and according to him, nothing was going to stop him. But when the last Truffula tree fell, he realized that the paradise had been destroyed and that fall of the last tree was also the signal for the fall of his business.

Without a home, the animals in the paradise deserted him. Without a business, his family deserted him. Without the trees, the Lorax deserted him, leaving behind a slab of stone that says "UNLESS."

What will the Once-ler's next step be? Will he find out what the Lorax meant with UNLESS? Will the paradise still be restored? And what happens to life without trees?

Overall, the Lorax is a very light movie recommendable for all ages. The music is really interesting and nice. As for the lessons, I think it's more than the environmental message that people should fight against illegal logging. On a broader view, I think it is also about harnessing our corporate greed, or just greed in general and about caring more in order to see the changes for the better that we want to see.

Picture here
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