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Weekend Crafting - Interactive Cards with Secret Messages

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Hello friends! I hope you are doing well! It's already halfway through the month. I realised that I haven't been blogging much lately. 

Not to worry, all is well. Just busy with work and family life as usual. So much going on behind the scenes but I hope that wherever you are right now, you're also doing well. ☺

Anyway, just sharing a couple of cards I made over the weekend: interactive cards using Stampin' Up!'s Build A Bike stamp and die set. 

Both cards have secret messages on them. The first one I made was the bottom card which was a pull tab card. 

I used pink and green colours and this particular message because I want to send sunshine and warmth just before it gets really cold this upcoming winter.

The card has a pull tab on the right which reveals a hidden message once you pull it.

The next card is my first slim line card. I decided to try this size so the bike has more room to move. Also, I used autumn theme for this one. Probably the last autumn themed card before this season ends officially.

When you slide the bike to the right, a message is revealed.

I also used Wink of Stella clear brush to make the leaves glisten. It's simply beautiful, isn't it? I just love autumn.

Until my next post! Have a lovely day everyone. 🍁🍂🚲

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Floral Cards in Various Colours

Friday, May 7, 2021

Just sharing some quick cardmaking projects in between work and planning Darla's birthday party

Which one is your favourite colour? :) 

Sky is the limit in choosing which colours to use 💙💚💛💜💗 

Coral pink

Pale yellow

Mint green

Orange - I didn't expect this to turn out nice but I like it as much as the rest 😀


If you're keen to mark and try this project, you can read about it here. The Hugs In A Card blog is solely for my cardmaking and you can follow it to be in the loop about tutorials and latest projects.

That's it for now! Next week, God willing, I will be posting the recipients of this month's #hugsinacard! Stay tuned for more happy mails. 😍

PS: Register your interest to be one of my happy mail recipients by filling out the form below:

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NSW Australia Vouchers and Freebies

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

Creative Kids Voucher - save $100 for each of you school aged kids

Today we received these crafting goodies from Perfect! Just in time for the school holidays to keep the girls entertained aside from their gadgets.

Craft boxes for Demi & Daisy 💗

The Slime & Paint Craft Box (for Daisy) and the Paint & Create Craft Box (for Demi) are both $100 each but I paid nothing for them, not even a cent. Even the shipping costed us ZERO.

Instead, we used our Creative Kids Voucher, worth $100 each for school-aged girls. I wrote about it on my post last December. In case you missed it, here's how to apply. It's really easy.

You just need to have an account with Service NSW which by now, most of us already have. Then once you click the link below, just key in your identification details (get at least 2 government issued IDs) and just follow the prompts. 

To apply for Creative Kids Voucher, click the image to take you to the Service NSW website.

Click here

Once you have received your voucher details in your email, you can redeem them by purchasing one of the Craft Boxes from The link will take you to their online store where you can choose a craft box for your kid(s).

Their craft boxes include:

  • Crafty Craft Box
  • Paint & Create Craft Box
  • Slime & Paint Craft Box
  • Bright Ideas Craft Box

Dine & Discover NSW Voucher - save $100 for dining and entertainment

The NSW Government also launched Dine & Discover NSW vouchers for use on restaurants and entertainment venues.

NSW residents aged 18 and over can apply for 4 x $25 vouchers, worth $100 in total. 

  • 2 x $25 Dine NSW Vouchers to be used for dining in at restaurants, cafés, bars, wineries, pubs or clubs. 
  • 2 x $25 Discover NSW Vouchers  to be used for entertainment and recreation, including cultural institutions, live music, and arts venues. 

Check out now if your area is already eligible for these vouchers.

To apply for Dine & Discover NSW Vouchers, click the image to take you to the Service NSW website.

The vouchers have an expiration date until 30 June 2021. It might be a good idea to get them now so you can use them during the easter break if you have plans of going anywhere with the family.

Be safe and hope you all have a lovely holiday! 💗

Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement post. I am not getting any payments for sharing these. I just thought it would be nice to put in all information here to help those who are interested with the above benefits. These vouchers are issued by the NSW government to help families and also stimulate economy by encouraging the community to support dining, arts & tourism businesses.
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Weekend Crafting Projects

Sunday, February 7, 2021

Just a quick share of my crafting project this weekend: DIY home posters and other prints.

These are reminders and house-rules I established for the children.

The stairs poster was a necessary reminder because last Wednesday, Daisy slipped on the steps.

The stairs were made of timber but we normally don't wear shoes or slippers when going upstairs. Barefoot is fine. 

But that day, she was wearing her socks on from last night. She was almost downstairs when she slipped. Lucky she was holding onto the railings so the fall wasn't that bad. Still, she hit her bottom and back.

I told her to never wear socks again when climbing up or down and this poster will remind her and everyone else.

Made out of recycled cardboards and wooden-look vinyl

Screen time rules is for the children's use of gadgets although the adults in the house sometimes need a friendly reminder too. 😊 I established a program where the girls are also reminded to be helpful around the house at the same time give them the opportunity to earn money for things they want.

The girls each have a screen-time-rules-poster, a weekly screen time counter. How it works is that they earn 1 minute extra screen time when they do tasks at home. They can use these accumulated points from Friday nights and weekends or give them up in exchange for money. 

That is how they earn for things they want and they can keep the money in this cute wooden coin counter from Kmart. Instead of the coin denomination labels at the top, we covered them with their goals instead. They have up to 5 goals plus 1 slot for giving.

And that's it! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend.

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Barbie DIY Loft Bed

Friday, July 3, 2015

This is a brave attempt of mine to recreate a real life loft bed for a barbie one. It's a bit complicated to explain the process but I will try my very best.

Firstly, here is the fruit of my labour:

This is a modified version of a loft bed I have seen on the net. The real one looks like this:

The real one looked very daunting to recreate nevertheless I was attracted to it. Plus, it can accommodate 3 Barbies so I thought it's worth the effort. 

To start off, I bought my materials which was everything as I didn't bring my stash of crafting supplies when I came to Australia. I got the foam board from Daiso for $2.80ea. 2 of the white foam board was just exact for the whole loft bed. The one I bought has an adhesive on the other side so you may choose to stick a pattern. But then you'll have to change the other sides as well. I decided to just paint the adhesive side as white to make it simple. If you will use paint, do not remove the paper off from the adhesive side. 

You will also need a nice big cutter, long ruler, white paint, glue gun and glue sticks. 

Cut a rectangle from the foam board big enough for Barbie to lie down. Then cut the headboard. At the bottom, the board should only be half the length. The uncovered half is where the ladder should go. Glue the pieces together. 

Then cut two long strips as cover for one side. Cut two more rectangles of the same size for the support. 

Notice that the other rectangle was glued 5cm away from the edge. This is the space where the desk should go. 

For the side desk, make a pattern from paper first to get the desired curve at the sides. Trace this pattern twice remembering to flip the pattern over when tracing the opposite side of the desk. 

Then I glued the curved sides. I also glued 2 rectangles for the shelf and the working table. 

I realised that the working table was a bit short. It was because there wasn't enough foam board. To repair this, I cut another rectangle of the same size to use as a sliding desk which could extend up to the edge of the side of the desk. This one's a bit tricky to describe and I hadn't taken pictures. Basically, glue a rectangle under the sliding desk. Then glue two long rectangles at the end of the sliding desk as stopper so that when you pull the desk, it doesn't go all the way out. 

Glue a bead in the middle as a knob for pulling. 

Make a shelf under the loft bed. 

Then, proceed to the bigger bed. 

Cut a rectangular board big enough for 2 Barbies to lie down. Then cut another rectangle for the headboard. The headboard has to exactly the same size as the space under the shelf of the loft bed. 

Then cut a rectangle for the bottom support of the larger bed. Cut more board to make shelves under the bed. 

Then create a small bedside table. 

Notice that the headboard of the larger bed fits perfectly under the loft bed so that when I placed it in, they looked as if they are one unit. I preferred not to glue them together so that I can store them more easily. 

Finally, paint the gridlines white. This part I haven't done yet though. And the stairs too. 

I also made small pocketbooks to place on the shelf. The shelves under the big bed can be used for shoes or bags. 

Up next: mattresses and beddings! :)
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DIY Barbie Office Suit

I can't believe that the month of June had passed so quickly and I never had the chance to do an entry.

Not that I have been a frequent blogger lately. Since I came to Sydney, I found myself struggling to keep my blog going. This time around though, it wasn't because life was dull or that I didn't feel like writing. I'm actually glad that I feel the want to blog again but there's just not enough time lately. 

So, here is my long overdue post. From the last post I wrote, I mentioned about my new fancy which is the Barbie craze. Part of it is feeding my craving for crafting but mostly it's a birthday project for the kids. 

This post is dedicated to a tutorial for a Barbie brown office suit. 

Start off by making the patterns. The measurements were as described on the patterns:

Trace the back and collar pattern once on the fabric of your choice. The fabric I used for this one were old school shorts which were not very stretchy. Then, trace the front and arms pattern twice. Make sure to flip the pattern on the other side when tracing the second one. 

Next, sew the shoulders right side to right side. Then sew the arms. 

Sew the hems of the arms before closing them, sewing from the wrong sides of the fabric. Then sew the sides of the suit together from the wrong side of the fabric. 

Turning the suit on its right side after sewing could be a bit tricky on the arms. I used a long thin object to help me do this such as an unsharpened pencil. 

Then sew the hem of the suit. 

Finally, sew the collars along the front, nape part and around the other front. 

For the skirt, cut a rectangular piece by the size of 20cm x 10cm. Sew the hems at the bottom and at the top. Make sure that the garter you are using will fit into the hem at the top. The garter should be exactly as wide as Barbie's waist, which is very small. 

Using a safety pin, insert the garter inside the top hem. Meet both ends of the garter amnd sew. Then close the skirt by sewing the end sides together. 

And voila! Barbie's ready to go to work. :)

PS: I will no longer use the patterns and if anyone is interested to have it, just raise your hand up! :) I'll send it by post then

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New Found Hobby - DIY Barbie Doll Clothes

Friday, May 15, 2015

In preparation for my daughters' birthday, which by the way is not until October and November, I decided to surprise them with a school of Barbie dolls. Literally.

This idea came up when I saw them one morning making paper dolls, wherein I helped maked them some, and miniature school items. It was fun but the life of these paper dolls were so short. Once the husband does his house inspection, every piece of irregularly shaped paper goes into the bin. Unfortunately, some homework ended with this fate too but that's not our topic here hehe. 

So I thought Barbie dolls would do the trick! It's been a year now since I have stopped buying them Barbie dolls. The last dolls I have bought them ended up with faces covered in black markers in Daisy's attempt to copy the doll make-over she saw in youtube. Too bad for Barbie, Daisy was watching a make-up tutorial for Monster High and none of her facial features were ever recovered. 

Photo credit:

I was never able to undo what my daughter had done. So I refrained from buying them Barbie dolls and saved it until they're a bit older. 

And I believe this time would be the best time to buy them the dolls again! For one thing, Daisy had moved on to other interests in youtube hehe. 

First, the kids helped me make miniature school items which I got from simplekidscraft in youtube. These were the results!

And then to take things a step higher, I ventured into diy Barbie doll clothes. The idea was overwhelming so I started looking for no-sew clothes. Lucky for me, some tutorials showed I can just cut holes from old socks and turn them into dresses. 

By now, I'm fully hooked. I realised I was ready to try more complex clothes and found this really cool website that made doll-clothes-making seem manageable and easy:

At first, I copied her patterns to make clothes for my own but then I got the hang of it and started making twists to come up with my own designs. 

The matching suit and skirt were from the website pattern. 

The turtleneck top was likewise from the website. The skirt was from me :)

To be continued...

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Yarn Creations

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I have been crocheting for a while now... a perfect recreation which kept me diverted from being depressed sometimes. Anyway just sharing the pics.

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NBS, My Life Saver!

Monday, December 12, 2011

As much as I prefer to give gifts that have personal touch, I discovered that I have to give up on this ideal. In my previous post, I said I’ve found the perfect DIY xmas gift, but then I discovered, besides being fitting only for girls, it required much time than I thought. I was able to make 15 but that was all.

With the hustles and bustles between juggling official and personal occupation, plus the fact that we are in the process of new residence hunting, I’m afraid I’ll have to modify my mission on DIY gifts. I have to admit, I overdid my gift-giving this year to make up for the last. The previous year was quite a tight one. We’ve just moved house back then so I had to be extra thrifty. It was our first time on our own dwelling and the money had to go to furnishings. So now I’m playing Santa for at least 90 people and without elves to help me (my husband is willing to help but his flesh is weak on arts, hehe) gift making will take forever.

So far, I have only 20 gifts less to worry about. For the past few days, I’ve been brainstorming about ideas but to no extent. I was becoming helpless already so I decided that a little canvassing would help. I asked permission from Nilo to let me browse National Bookstore (NBS) last Sunday and although he’d let me for a longer time, I promised it would only take 45 minutes or so (hehe). It was weekend after all, family time. Fortunately, I followed this instinct and found answers! Thanks to NBS, it never fails to please me. :)

While browsing hastily around the store, I have found these cute little wooden key chains with inspirational messages and immediately hoarded 20 of them for my co-office. They’re perfect for close friends or acquaintances, male or female. For the bosses however, I found the hallmark datebooks more suitable. I was on the verge of tears when there were only 4 datebooks left on the ribbon counter. The saleslady told me though, to check on other counters, which was what I did, and was able to hoard 10.

Since I was at the store already, I decided I might as well think about which materials could be used to wrap the tiny gifts. Tiny self-made envelopes seemed like a good idea plus it will give me the opportunity to add some personal touch on the gifts. The perfect materials? Parchment papers and glitter strings. I felt happy having accomplished my task well plus there’s still ample time. I looked around some more and found another perfect gift for Demi, art and drawing materials in a pink case! She’s a lover of arts like me, and this gift was her personal request. Since it was the last stock, I decided that I’d rather not postpone it for later. I didn’t bring enough cash but there’s credit card. Another life saver. :)

Finally before leaving the store, I confirmed my loyalty to NBS by availing the Laking National Card. In a month, I’d be able to proudly present my card at every purchase and gain benefits. Not that I’m asking for more. I’d say, NBS helped me a great deal this time around… again. :)
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