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DIY Disney FROZEN Cake Anyone Can Make

Friday, April 30, 2021

Disney FROZEN Cake easy DIY

My toddler's recent birthday had been a blast, thanks be to God. Since she loves Disney Frozen and Elsa, I decided to make her a Frozen themed birthday cake and I'm sharing this DIY cake that I'm sure anyone can make. If you do not have baking tools and equipment (like me), no problem. Stick around and I'll show you my solution. 😉

The reason you went here was because you wanted to DIY your baby's Frozen themed party, am I right? If that is the case, I might as well share some ideas for your DIY party.

Ideas for a DIY Frozen-themed birthday party

I shared snippets of my baby's simple birthday party on my previous post. I kept it very simple this year because I didn't have much free time. I was busy with work and taking care of my clingy toddler. Also, I was on a budget.

Still, I wanted to give my baby a memorable birthday celebration. If you're in the same boat, don't be disheartened. You can still pull a nice Frozen birthday party that will make your baby happy, like I did! To make life easier, I just focused on these 3 things:

  • the Elsa costume;
  • the backdrop decoration; and
  • the cake.

and gifts, if I may add as fourth hehehe. Of course, the gifts do not have to be all about Frozen or Elsa or Anna, etc... unless your baby really, truly and only wants these characters. 😄

Elsa's gown wasn't a problem. I bought her one from last year which she's been wearing quite often already. You can buy her a new one if you want to. In my case, I just bought her additional accessories like the crown, shoes and wand.

The backdrop was a bit challenging for me. I wanted to go for a dark blue look with balloon-garland at the top and sparkling fairy lights like icicles on a snow. It didn't turn out very well. First, because I do not have talent with balloon decor and second, because my fairy lights were too short. 

If you like balloon decorating then this one's easy for you. But if you're like me, you can try replacing it with a Frozen bunting banner such as this one:

Disney Frozen Bunting Banner
Disney Frozen Banner

At least the cake turned up pretty well. In fact, I got a lot of undeserved compliments and questions so I decided to write this post to share how I made it.

Before I made my own cake, I searched the net for a design I want and chose this:

My sample cake by Sprinkle Some Fun

It's clean and simple and just in case I can't find someone to make it, it looks simple enough to make it myself.

The truth is, I didn't plan to DIY the cake hehehe. I did approach a few bakers around first. I am surrounded by friends who are talented bakers such as sis Karen and sis Che, to name a few, but I decided not to bother them as they have toddlers too hehehe. 

I tried FB Marketplace but I didn't get anyone willing to make the design either. So I went to a physical bakery shop, showed them the cake but negative. They told me they can't make the sugar candies (Elsa's Ice Castle!) so they'll make the cake with the white frosting only (because I told them I'd provide the figurines) for $80!

Nah... too expensive. That's how I ended up making the cake myself. 😂

How to make the cake

I was so ready to bake the cake this time but when I looked at the cupboard, I realised that I only have 1 round baking pan and I don't have an electric mixer (you'll need this if you want to make the white frosting). I don't bake a lot you see. The last time I made a cake was in 2016 for my husband's birthday. 

So I had to find a solution by getting store-bought sponge cakes and frosting instead. In this manner, I was able to keep things low budget plus I figured it would also save me time. If you want to bake the cake and make the frosting yourself, you can refer to the recipe from Sprinkle Some Fun linked above.

Without further ado, here's how I made the cake:


  • 2 Vanilla Sponge Cake (Woolworths)
  • 1 Betty Crocker Vanilla Frosting
  • Vanilla ice cream

Woolies sponge cake and Betty Crocker icing
I bought these ready-made cake and frosting from Woolies (I only used 1 tub of frosting)


  1. First, apply a thin crumb coating (using Betty Crocker's Vanilla Frosting) on the bottom sponge cake.
  2. Cut a hole in the middle of the 2nd sponge cake.
  3. Place the 2nd sponge cake on top of the bottom sponge cake and apply crumb coat on the sides.
  4. Fill the hole with vanilla ice cream.
  5. Store inside the freezer.
Easy steps DIY Frozen cake with ice cream

How to make Elsa's Ice Castle (sugar candies)

While we're making the sugar candies, you should keep the cake inside the freezer to make sure the ice cream doesn't melt.

Ingredients for the sugar candies:

There are many recipes you'd find on the internet but I came up with this one myself. I had to modify the measurements based on the actual results because the sugar candy did not harden the first time because there was too much water (moisture).

  • 1/2 cup white sugar
  • 1/4 cup glucose syrup
  • 1/2 tsp blue food colour
  • 1 tbsp water

DIY sugar candy ingredients


  1. Prepare the baking paper on your kitchen counter (or tray). Spray with cooking oil.
  2. Put all the ingredients in a pan (except for the food colour) and cook until boiling.
  3. Once boiling, add in the food colour and stir for a minute or so.
  4. Turn off stove, set for a few minutes but not too long or it will solidify inside the pan.
  5. Using a ladle, scoop out and spread the melted sugar onto the baking paper.
  6. Wait to harden.
How to make sugar candies
Add the food colour when it starts to boil like this. Stir for a few more seconds before turning off the stove.

Once the solution hardens, it sticks to the pan and is difficult to wash off. But don't worry. Just put the pan back onto the stove, turn it on, add some water and stir continuously until all the hard sugar bits melt off and dissolve into the water. 

As I have mentioned above, my first attempt was a failure. This was based on a recipe I have found online which basically suggests to put as much water as glucose syrup. Sad to say, it didn't harden up.

No mistake DIY sugar candies
My first attempt was a failure. The ice candies became a pool of water 😓

I've experimented a bit. I figured there was too much water so I cut the amount of water I used from 1/4 cup down to only a tablespoon. I thought this should be more than enough because the food colour would also add "water" in . The second attempt was a success! 

Sugar candies for FROZEN cake
Elsa was happy with the second attempt hehehe. We can finally make her castle!

Finally, break the sugar candies into ice pieces to stick around the cake. Make sure to keep a few bigger pieces for Elsa's castle. There is no certain pattern for this, so just be creative on this part! 😉 

To complete the whole picture, place the Frozen character figurines (I bought mine from Target for $25) on top of the cake. The figurines also make for great toys after the party. 

Easy DIY Frozen cake with figurines
The final outcome - Darla's Frozen-themed cake with ice cream inside - very cold indeed!

I loved how the cake turned out! The only downside was that the icing was too sweet for my liking. Maybe next time, if I plan to re-make this Disney Frozen Elsa cake, I'd buy a mixer so I can make my own frosting.

Overall, Darla was very happy with her FROZEN-themed party. The delight on her face when she saw her birthday cake was all worth it! 

Even my older daughters said that they liked the cake. They didn't mind the level of sweetness and thought it was the best cake they had ever eaten! 

I'm one overjoyed momma. Once again, thanks be to God for a successful birthday celebration. Simple and inexpensive but filled with fun and so much love. 💗

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Greek Yoghurt Garlic Sauce - 5 Minute Recipe

Friday, March 12, 2021

Greek yoghurt garlic Sauce with pita bread for a quick snack or light lunch

I love garlic sauce, but they're very hard to make. If you will Google it, garlic sauce needs only 3 main ingredients: garlic, vegetable oil and lemon juice. 

I'm pretty okay with making food. With most recipes, especially ones I have already tried to eat, I only need to know the ingredients and then I can remake it. It's not the best, but it's decent enough hehehe.

However, I'm really bad with processes and if the cooking involves folding or steaming, then chances are I'll fail that recipe hahaha. I think I like chemistry only in theory.

Besides, I'm too impatient to perfect the method. Perhaps someday, when I have more time to spare, I'll try complex cooking methods but for now, I'll simplify things.

The case with authentic garlic sauce is that it needs emulsification - that's the process of mixing liquids that don't normally go together, like oil and lemon juice in this case. The process requires combining the two slowly while beating the mixture vigorously but also trying not to cause too much heat because that will also alter the texture of the garlic sauce.

That's a bit too much for me, so I decided to be resourceful and came up with my own recipe of Yoghurt Garlic Sauce.

It's very easy, as long you have these ingredients in your pantry, then just whip it out in 5 minutes. Make sure you're heating up your pita bread too. Multi-tasking and time management at their best hehehe. 😉


  • 3 tsp Greek yoghurt
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp Masterfoods garlic powder
  • 1/2 tsp Masterfoods oregano leaves
  • 1/2 tsp Masterfoods chopped chives

Mix Greek yoghurt, lemon juice and garlic powder together. Then add the oregano leaves and chopped chives. Season with salt and pepper and you're done.

Yummy alternative to the authentic garlic sauce :)

Enjoy with your pita bread.

These ingredients are easily available from Woolies or Coles too. 

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Simple Pizza Recipe From Scratch

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Our home made pizza, hot and fresh from the oven - yum!

This is a recipe I chose to make with my children for our family weekend bonding. As I have always said in my previous posts, we're not experts in baking so I particularly chose this simple recipe because it only has 4 ingredients, not including the pizza toppings:

  • 1 3/4 cups self-raising flour
  • 1/2 cup parmesan cheese
  • 1/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 2/3 cup boiling water

Our choice toppings

To make the pizza base, follow these steps:

  1. Combine the self-raising flour and parmesan cheese in a bowl and mix them
  2. Make a well in the middle and add in the vegetable oil and boiling water. 
  3. Stir with a fork to mix all of the ingredients. Be very careful as the water is boiling hot.
  4. Knead the mixture to make the dough.
  5. Set dough aside to rise. Prepare the toppings and start preheating the oven at 210⁰C.
  6. Roll out the dough onto the pizza trays. You can make 3 pizzas if you double the recipe and probably even 4 if you make the bases really thin.
  7. Spread pizza sauce - ours were sauced to the edge. Yum hehehe.
  8. Then add mozzarella cheese and toppings of your choice. We used pepperoni, ham and mushroom on ours.
  9. Bake for 15 minutes or until cooked.
The girls making the dough by themselves

While making the dough, I noticed that there is an appropriate way of kneading to achieve a good texture. I discovered this because we doubled the recipe so we made 2 mixtures.

The first mixture was kneaded by Daisy without any problems. My husband tried to knead the second mixture but it kept sticking onto his hands. Even when we added more flour, it was still sticky. At this point, Demi took over to knead with the same results.

Expert hands - Daisy folds the dough and kneads it to perfection

Then I had an idea to let Daisy do it and sure enough, she managed to make the dough texture perfect without adding any more flour. Too bad I wasn't able to video it but next time we make pizzas, I will keep in mind to capture the process on camera and update this post.

Anyway, Daisy used to love playing with slime so she learned the skill of kneading hehehe. During 3rd grade in school, she was chosen by her teacher, Ms. Downes to be the class slime expert. All the students came to her and she helped them make perfect slimes. 

Waiting for the dough to rise - start preheating the oven

It's amazing that she was able to use this skill for our baking adventure today. Great job Daisy!

Meanwhile, Darla was also busy mixing her own recipe hehehe...

The master chef

The girls did their best to put the toppings on generously. It pays to be playing pizza making apps on their gadgets, I guess. Hahaha. Kidding aside, that's actually me and Darla playing the app all the time.

All done and ready for baking :)

It was Daddy's turn to put the pizzas inside the oven. A+ for family team work!

Finally, time to enjoy the our masterpiece. Darla was taking a nap by the time the pizzas were cooked. Oh well, the master chef can judge it when she wakes up.

Time to eat the fruits of your labour guys!

The pizzas turned out really well! It was the best dough I have ever had and not because we did it hehehe. It was soft but not rubbery which is what I don't like with most store bought pizzas.

I think next time, we might try making the dough with herbs minus the parmesan cheese. We'll also make the dough thinner and probably heat them up a bit before adding the toppings to make a crispier crust.

Thanks to Australia's Best Recipes for this recipe. You can also check it out here.

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Blueberry and Choc Chip Muffin Recipe for Beginners

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Choc chip blueberry muffin easy
It's muffin time! Photo credits by my talented daughter Daisy.

If you are looking for a recipe that's really simple and easy to make, you should definitely try this blueberry and choc chip muffin recipe. I specifically chose this recipe because we don't have a lot of baking tools. This recipe also requires minimal ingredients which is perfect for beginners like us.

I was excited to engage the kids (now young ladies) with baking again. The last time we tried it was way back in 2017 during the summer school holidays. I got time off from work so we had a line up of recipes to make. Sad to say, they were all failed attempts hehehe. But that was because we had to guess the temperature every time we baked. Over the years, the labels on the knob of our previous oven were gone and we didn't have an oven thermometer. Certified beginners! 😁

So, last 2 Sundays ago, we made this Blueberry and Choc Chip Muffin - my daughters said they turned out great! A bit crusty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. 

So without further ado, here is our recipe!

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Free Krispy Kreme Donuts TODAY ONLY!

Monday, July 13, 2020

Today I am postponing my diet plans again because Krispy Kreme is offering a dozen glazed donuts for those whose birthday falls in between 13th March to 13th July. 

Photo source

That's me and my hubby too! Yehey! I checked the criteria and fortunately for us, Penrith is one of the few participating stores. So here we are at the shop drive through while waiting to claim our free donuts. 

If your birthday falls in between the period above, be sure to check your nearest participating store NOW. The free donuts are only valid for today and while stocks last. Don't forget to bring your ID! (",)

Thanks Krispy Kreme! :)

Find more about their promo here.

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How to Make: Easy Ube Cake

Friday, July 8, 2016

The technique is called DIVERSION - you'll see why if you read on 😆

As I have mentioned from my 3rd day Mommy Adventure, here is the tutorial of the Ube Cake I made for my husband’s supposed to be surprise birthday cake. It’s actually more of a story than a tutorial-because! Do not try this at home! Haha!

After clearing up the kitchen area, I was left with more or less a couple of hours to bake the cake before I go and pick up the kids from school. My feet were hurting from standing all day long so I hesitated whether I should still proceed or not. I have never tried this recipe before so it will take me longer as I have to refer to the recipe every now and then. However, I was driven by my desire to surprise my love (oh such a powerful force!) I didn’t waste another minute and started making that cake.

So there I was, trying an unfamiliar recipe, working in limited space (our kitchen’s very small) and with very few baking tools, under time pressure. Imagine the challenge! I quickly prepared all the ingredients which were kept all over the place. I was getting dizzy! My heart was racing and I thought this must be how it feels to cook at My Kitchen Rules hehehe.

This was MY recipe:


3 and 1/2 cups
Self Raising Flour (because that’s the only flour I have in the cupboard)
2 tsps
Baking powder
1/2 tsps
1/2 cup
2 tsps
Ube Flavouring (McCormick)
1 and 1/4 cups
Light Brown Sugar
4 pcs     
Large eggs
2 cups
Ube Halaya (in bottles)
Select Thickened Cream

Here is the preparation stage wherein I have to be resourceful due to my lack of materials in baking

1.       So I mixed the flour, baking powder and salt in a small bowl. Then I set it aside.

2.       Afterwards, I also mixed the milk and ube flavouring in whatever I could use then I set it aside too.

3.       Then I use my main big mixing bowl (because everything will eventually be put here). Using a hand mixer, I mixed the butter and sugars on high speed. This is where the panic started because the butter won’t melt at room temperature as it’s winter here. I tried heating it up a bit, but it turned part liquid and partly still very solid. I should have used vegetable oil instead…

4.       With the butter still partly frozen, I began putting in the eggs on at a time. I was using a hand mixer so I had to stop every now and then to put in an egg. The frozen butter turned into small lumpy pieces.

5.       Here, I remembered to pre-heat the oven at 170 C. Then, I began adding the milk mixture and flour mixture alternately into the butter and sugar, again, stopping the mixer every time I had to put in the ingredients.

6.       Then, I lined 2 8-inch round pans with vegetable oil on all surface plus baking paper at the bottom.

7.       I placed the batter equally on both pans and placed them in the oven. Halfway through, I had to swap the pans for more even baking.

8.       While I wait for the cakes to cook, I rinsed my bowls and mixers and everything else I used.

9.       Using the same big bowl and hand mixer, put in the thicken cream and mix until stiff peaks form. Sprinkle with sugar depending on your taste preference and add in 2tsps of ube flavouring.

10.   When the cakes were done, (poke with a stick and if the inside looks dry, it’s done) I got them out of the oven and then placed them on the kitchen counter.

11.   To my horror, on the kitchen counter, there was the bottle of ube halaya, the very main ingredient, unopened!!! 

I swear it was taunting me when I saw it!

12.   Too late to add in the halaya now. Too late to start over again. So the master of failures and remedies thought she’d just spread it in between the 2 cakes like the photo below… haaaist!

Epic fail! I just can't!

 13.   Finally, to cover up, just spread the ube cream all over the cake, add a glittery gold Happy Birthday cake topper ($2 in Kmart) and add some purple swirls as a pathetic attempt to make the cake look nice.

14.   Clean up.

It might also help if you wear the same shade of purple for selfie purposes (although this one’s coincidental – it took away the attention from the lopsided cake hahaha). So yeah, diversion is the name of the game.

Oh well. I love trying new things. I especially get excited when I would try something that looks so good from the internet. This recipe was based from Ms. Elizabeth Q’s Ube-Purple Yam Pound Cake minus the Ube Glaze. I would like to thank and acknowledge her in this post for her awesome recipe. Without the recipe, I would have probably caused chaos in the kitchen and ended up with a HowToBasic post.

Photo Source Here

So how did the story end? I got a lot of compliments on Facebook about how the cake and I were colour coordinated and people wanting to have a slice of it. As for the husband, he's honest enough to say that it wasn't the best but he did like the effort. Happy ending!
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My Made-Up Recipe: Mango Custard Dumplings

Saturday, March 12, 2016

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No Bake Banoffee Pie

Saturday, August 8, 2015

My good friend and sister in faith, sis K, have been showering us with home made cakes several times now. I appreciated her cakes not only because they're fresh and scrumptious but also because they look and taste better than the store-bought ones. Her cakes are so good I'm tempted to pursue baking myself. Looks like a lot of fun!

Now I am even more confused which hobbies to pursue. There's the Barbie project, my passion for reading and just very lately, my plans to venture clay crafting. But when I saw this no-bake banoffee pie in facebook, I decided to purchase some basic inexpensive tools needed for baking.

The tools needed for this "project" are:

Mixing bowls 2
Zip lock plastic
Electic hand mixer
Baking trays

I'm entirely zero with baking so the only tool I had in the kitchen was the zip lock plastic hehe. Luckily, Kmart has the other 3 for very cheap prices.

The ingredients for this recipe all bought from Woolies are:

Lady fingers
Butter 1/4 cup
Thickened cream
Condensed milk
Oreo cookies

For the procedures:

1- pound the lady fingers into fine crumbs or at least into very small bits

2- melt the butter and mix with the lady fingers crumb

3- set the crumb into the base of the baking tray

4- drizzle the crumb base with condensed milk

5- cut bananas into thin slices and layer above the crumb

6- beat the thickened cream with the electric hand mixer until fluffy; add condensed milk to desired sweetness

7- put the cream on top to the brim of the tray

8- put 2 pieces Oreo cookies in a ziplock plastic and pound to crumbs

9- top the Oreo crumbs then cover the tray

10- finally, put in the freezer to cool :)

And then you can enjoy your very own version of banoffee pie :)

Trivia: banoffee is actually from banana and toffee (which is heated up condensed milk) but because I was too lazy to heat up the condensed milk, I decided to drizzle it as it is... hehe.

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Yummy Butterscotch for Dummies! :D

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When I was a lot younger, my aunt used to bake butterscotch when she visits us in the Philippines. It was the best I tell you! My mom copied her recipe and used to make it back when we still bake. That was a really long time ago so imagine how happy I am when my aunt made butterscotch last weekend! It was so nostalgic like homecoming, except that I am not really "home" anymore or rather, I am in my new home and still denying it because... well, I'll be having my family with sooner though (this shall be another post) and thank God. I am so happy amidst my desperate situation :D

So let me share you the butterscotch process although not the "secret ingredient" if there's one hehe.

First, you take 4 cups of flour. Mix in 250gms/ea of pitted dates and prunes (sliced into small pieces) and chopped walnuts (depends on how much you like to put in).

Then in a separate mixing bowl, melt 500gms of butter, mix in 1kg (yep that's 1 KILOGRAM) of raw sugar and 8 pieces of egg.

Then use a mixer to blend the ingredients together. It should turn out smooth like this:

Afterwards, mix in the flour with dates and prunes and walnuts. It should look like this:

Then place the mixture in baking pans. Cover the entire surface with foil.

Uh-oh... I knew I was going to forget something important. I failed to take note of the temperature and for how long! Anyway, I'll just update this post when I get this info. For now bake them in the oven is the next procedure.

Finally, you could enjoy yummy dessert after meals, when watching TV or when you feel like relaxing. It's perfect with a cup of coffee! Enjoy!
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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This morning while I was walking the short distance from MESCO to the office, thoughts of food were occupying my mind. I realized that I was craving for favorite foods from my childhood and Filipino heritage:
Soft tofu sweetend by brown sugar syrup with pearl sago.
When we were kids, we'd always wait for manong magtataho to pass by our house to buy taho. A magtataho generally carries 2 large buckets hanging from a yoke which he carries over his shoulder. One bucket contains the tofu while the other, the sugar syrup or arnibal and the sago. I don't remember how much a small plastic cup was then, but nowadays, the small sized cup is Php5 while the bigger one is Php10. Some malls also sell taho in stalls but of course, at a higher cost and in my opinion, not as tasty as the traditional ones.
Corn kernells sprinkled with grated coconut and sugar
A binatog vendor rides in a bicycle with a bucket tied at the back of his bike containing the corn kernels and coconut and sugar mixture and he sounds his bell while driving around. I don't know if they have a uniform kind of bell but they all sound alike and you'd know once you hear the tinkle that it's manong binatog. They're a little less common nowadays, unlike the magtataho. Sometimes, I believe they're becoming extinct.
Banana, gabi (a tropical tuber), sago and rice flour shaped into balls cooked in coconut milk and sugar.
Unlike the binatog and taho, it's not usually sold around by a vendor. Well, I preferred it cooked at home anyway, and I'm proud to say that we have plenty of relatives who could make this delectable dish really well from my lola Maring (sad she's gone 4 years ago) down to my titas (aunts) and even my brother or cousins. When I was a lot younger, I willingly took part in the preparation of the "bilo-bilo" or the rice flour balls. Indeed, this recipe requires great amount of preparation.
Cooked cassava garnished with grated coconut
Mom used to bring this home from the market when we were kids so I guess that's where you could buy it then. This snack has just enough sweetness and the texture is really light but ironically quite heavy in the stomach. I remember getting stuffed after eating this and though my mouth yearns for more, the stomach threatens to throw up. Nowadays, there are high-class restaurants including this in their desserts menu.
Steamed brown rice cake sprinkled with grated coconut.
This is another variety of kakanin along with the pichi-pichi that mom used to bring home from the market when we were kids. Some vendors sold this from house to house though, carried in buckets much like the taho. The tricky part is, not all kutsinta tastes alike. I think (and observed) that the more translucent the texture is, the better. This is Demi's favourite by the way. :)

Right now, I just have to satisfy myself with the cheese sandwich I prepared for breakfast and other snacks are almost always instantly prepared. Not that I'm complaining, it's just that I still believe that some things, like making food, still get better results when enough time is put into it. Or maybe I'm just missing my childhood days and getting appreciative of my cultural heritage. For whatever reasons, hmmm... I don't know yet. Let's blame it on the food thoughts that invaded my mind this morning. :)
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