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8th of March 2011

The day when I discovered the beauty of blogging. My very first post was 

Hello World!

This is me. My life is an open book but very few would understand what's written in it.

I started with Wordpress so the link would direct you outside my blogsite.

In a world where mostly the loquacious ones are heard, writing online became my comfort zone. It has been 10 years now and I can't believe I have gone this far. 

There were times when I'd write like crazy, one thought after another.  Then there were months I'd go on hiatus. Life happens. And as writing is my source of joy, happiness is also my source to be able to write.

Ah... the paradox that I am.

Anyway, this is the story of my life basically. We're all humans and I'm sure there are parts of my story which you can relate to. It makes me feel less lonely to know that someone can understand me. I hope that's how you will feel too when you read a post of mine and relates to it.

This blog is about my experiences, the ones that stood out because they were either happy, sad, embarrassing or scary... the milestones in my life, especially with my kids... my thoughts about a book, movie, song or just about anything under the sun... my sad attempts to share valuable information or tutorials about things I am not an expert about... my adventures in life, from school age, work, entrepreneurship... etc etc.

All in all, this is my book and I invite you to read it and take whatever it is you find helpful for you.

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