Monday, January 28, 2019

Darla's First Beach Experience 

It was a long and agonizing trip of trying to stay awake and not get car sick but I was glad we went anyway. When I found out that Bundeena Beach was 1 hour and a half away, I almost backed out because travelling with a baby was never easy. I was gonna tell my husband to go to Cronulla instead, as it was closer, but our friends were going to Bundeena too. I could only hope that she would sleep through the journey although I knew that it was just wishful thinking. Knowing Darla, she doesn't like sleeping under everyday ordinary circumstances. I can tell she would be particularly awake for this new experience.

While in the car, I almost regretted going as I tried all possible tactics to keep Darla amused in her car seat. Halfway through, she was getting restless and I was getting dizzy myself from lack of sleep and the winding road. I was equally worried about the journey back home - which was way worse btw - but I was more than willing to have endured every pain then.

We had a quick stop over at Maccas to refresh and to take away brekky and nurse the refusing baby, who preferred to feed her explorative eyes than her tummy. A few minutes after, we finally reached the destination, and thankfully found a parking spot right away too(the place was packed!). I felt like I was in cloud nine! So did Darla and everyone else hehehe.

We didn't waste time. After catching up a few stories with our friends and giving a go signal for the girls to go ahead and enjoy the water, we went there too with the baby.

And her smile made everything all worth it! This was what we went here for - that happiness painted all over her face. I was still exhausted from the trip, I am not gonna lie, but that cheeky face she pulled was more than worth it.

Daddy caught a very cheeky and happy bloatfish!

That night, when we got home, we were all very tired especially myself but we were happy and contented. I don't know how to describe that level of exhaustion and I was almost dying while I wait for Darla to run out of energy during bed time but you know what? We both had a looong, wonderful, deep and uninterrupted sleep. Lovely ain't it?

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