Saturday, July 14, 2018

A Mother's Dream

For days I have been eyeing the apple and cinnamon muffin my husband bought from the store. I fantasized having it for breakfast with a hot tea but could never find the time to enjoy even 10 minutes of alone time. To have a few minutes alone, having breakfast peacefully without rushing and worrying that the baby will soon cry. That was my biggest short term dream for now. Geez... You know you're an adult when having a quiet morning tea is considered a dream come true.

Well, this morning I finally stumbled upon the opportunity. Hubby was keeping Darla entertained so I thought it's the perfect time to sneak in a few minutes for a peaceful brekky. I went out to the kitchen and boiled water for the matcha green tea. My daughter Demi was already up and watching TV. I told her excitedly that today I will be fulfilling one of my dreams. She just laughed at my usual folly. 

I took the muffin from the counter and placed it on the dining table. I didn't even bother to remove it from the packaging or put it on a plate, afraid that I might be wasting time. I also made oatmeal for my oldest daughter Demi so she could join breakfast with me and then we could enjoy the food and small talk. 

Finally, I was sitting on the chair feeling excited, in front of me were the tea and muffin. I was ready to savour the moment. Slowly, I opened the packaging and alas!  There were tiny dots of moulds on one part of the muffin. I t took me too long to eat it that the moulds had beat me to it. I was devastated and while I faked cry for my shattered dreams, Demi can't help but laugh at me.

My face when my dreams were shattered Hahaha!

Sigh... funny and sad at the same time hahaha. I scouted the fridge hoping that there might be a good replacement. In the end I had to have ice cream and oats with the tea. It wasn't the best second option but I'd rather enjoy the few minutes nevertheless. 

Oh well, until the next chance again. I have accepted beforehand that in mommyhood, you don't get a lot of relaxing breaks. Scratch that... you don't get any relaxing breaks at all 😝😜😂 I wonder when hubby will help me fulfill my dreams again. Hahaha. 

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