Friday, May 18, 2018

OC For Mufti Day

Gone are the days when I and my husband decide what the girls wear. For years we have always bought then twin clothes and people assumed they were twins. It was convenient buying same clothes in pairs because Daisy was always upredictable back then. She'd want what her Ate wears. Twin clothes had saved us from countless sibling bickerings.

Now that they're growing up, each girl is gradually taking her own preference. Daisy is more into chic dresses and skirts while Demi prefers the casual sporty look.

So today, since it's Mufti Day in school, the girls picked their own fashion. Daisy got lucky when she found this "galaxy" dress in Big W. The last one they had in Penrith too. It was like she saw what she has always visualized in her dream: it's what her OC (original character), named Galaxia, is wearing.

Demi had a tough time choosing though. She shies away from clothes with words like "Girl Power," or rainbow and unicorn designs. Being the older sister, she prefers subtle and plain style. Besides, she's more concerned about being able to move and participate in sports.

My babies are becoming young blooming ladies now. They're both excited to wear their chosen clothes and mommy is more than willing to wake up early just so she could help them with the hair do's and photo shoot, of course! 😍

Their OC's names: Galaxia and Silver Moon

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