Thursday, May 10, 2018

My Go-To Skin Care

For almost 6 months now, I have been using this facial wash that was the answer to my long outstanding problem with my dry skin. It's Artistry's Hydra-V Fresh Foaming Cleanser. This clear gel cleanser feels soft and cool when I use it and it has worked wonders in hydrating my very dry skin.

Artistry Hydra-V Facial Foaming Cleanser
Why I can't just use any facial soap/cleanser

I always had a sensitive skin ever since I was a child. I remember when as a young girl, I washed my face with Heno De Pravia one time and came out of the bathroom looking very red in the face. It took days before the burn returned to normal skin.
After that I seldom used soap on my face. It's inevitable though because during the puberty stage, my skin was very oily. Fortunately, in High School THE (Technology Home Economics) they taught us how to naturally cleanse the face by washing it with a teaspoon of lemon juice (or calamansi juice) mixed with a teaspoon of milk. For years this was what I did and it helped me avoid the breakouts brought about by the hormones. It got rid of the oil without making my skin dry.

I still do this occasionally at present however, it takes too much time and I just can't be bothered when I'm very busy. Besides, my skin was used to tropical climate and since we moved to Sydney, doing this routine made my skin very dry. A lot of my friends suggested that I use a moisturiser but as I have mentioned above, my skin just can't stand anything I put on it without getting itchy. I'd sometimes use honey but again, it just didn't work well on a busy schedule. 

Washing with Hydra-V Facial Foaming Cleanser

For years I endured a dry skin. So imagine my joy when I found out about Hydra-V. With this facial cleanser, my skin would feel soft and smooth after wash it's so refreshing. It also reduces the pores and adds a natural pinkish blush. It doesn't require much too. I only use pea sized gel on the forehead, cheeks and chin. I bring it with me to work too so that on hot days, I could refresh my face with a wash after going out in the sun during lunch times.

It really lives up to its name, Hydra-V, because it hydrates my face like no other. 😁

#nomakeup #nofilter hehehe - summer Jan 2018

What's Inside Hydra-V Sample Pack

I was given this sample pack by my friend who's a fan of Artistry. She knows about my sensitive skin. The pack contains the Fresh Foaming Cleanser, Fresh Softening Lotion (toner), Replenishing Moisture Cream, Refreshing Gel, Nourishing Gel Cream and Refreshing Eye Gel.

How to use the pack

My friend taught me step by step how to use the contents on the pack. First, wash your face with the Fresh Foaming Cleanser. Second, splash the skin with the Fresh Softening Lotion which acts as the toner. Third, moisturise with the Replenishing Moisture Cream, Refreshing Gel or Nourishing Gel Cream. Now, you only use one of the three moisturisers depending on how dry or oily your skin is. With the aid of a Skin Analyser which my friend has, you'll be able to identify which one to apply based on your skin condition. Lastly, apply the Refreshing Eye Gel around the eye area to prevent wrinkle build ups.

Hydra-V Sample Pack

Other products I have tried

I stuck with the Facial Foaming Cleanser afterwards, as a go-to skin care. It's quick and effective as I am one of those unlucky women who doesn't have the luxury of time for pamper sessions. Whenever I get lucky to have extra time though, I would use the Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel and Vitamin C & HA Treatment at night before going to bed. 

Take note that the Vitamin C & HA Treatment should be used continuously for 30 days and that it is advisable to apply this at night because exposure to sun may cause burning of the skin.

The Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel on the other hand, is to be used only twice or thrice in a week. Despite the word "Intensive," I'd say this peel is really mild which is good for sensitive skin like mine. I would feel a slight stinging when I apply the gel on my face but it lasts only for seconds. The stinging indicates the renewal process of the skin, which could be seen as actual skin peeling with other products.

I rarely have to use the Peel so it lasted for months which was very economical.  
I remember getting 10% discount when buying these 2 as a kit! Great deal!

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