Sunday, April 22, 2018

Sunday Sound Trip: In My Dreams

Some people may say I'm an old soul because of my preference in music. But then again, a lot of people, mostly those my age and older, would say that the music of the past were better and everlasting.

I am not really sure about this because in my opinion, we like the music of the past because of the memories we associate with it. Maybe someday, the younger generation would tell their children the same thing because the music they hear now is associated with good childhood memories.

However, the flavour of this week, a song older than me, is not in any way associated with my childhood. I did hear it a lot as a young girl but I was too young to have had any recall whatsoever of the happenings around me back then.

This song I would classify as classic to my taste. It's mellow, original, unique... the musical arrangement to me is very remarkable especially the bass. So smooth!

Anyway, for old souls like me, I hope you enjoy this song!

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