Thursday, April 5, 2018

Perfume Review: Givenchy Live Irresistible EDP

First and foremost, I am not a perfume expert. In fact, before Givenchy Live Irresistible, I would go with any scent or no scent at all. My friend at work, Merci, used to tease me that she could tell what food we cooked for breakfast because she could smell it from my clothes hahaha. So embarassing. So on the Xmas of 2016, she gave me a Guess Girl Belle perfume (should I also make a review?). Come to think of it, all the scents I have used before were gifts from friends actually.

How I met Live Irresistible was quite a story in itself. I was after Armani Diamonds for my husband when this lovely sales lady gave me some samples of other perfumes one of them a cute pink one (read story here). I can still remember, the first spritz of the sample pink one was love at first smell. I didn't expect it. It was the scent I have been searching for in a long time. It was sweet but playful both. Not too strong or overpowering or sophisticated. I read the leaflet with more interest!

The motto: Life is a playground.

The perfume: A new floral delicacy as sassy as it is sweet.

The mood: Happy & Irresistible!

I was very happy with how Givenchy described the perfume it's like meeting-your-soulmate kind of feeling. Sassy was the most suitable term to describe it. I made it a point to get this for myself but it was very pricey. So again I asked the husband to give me the money but I wanted to get it myself hehehe.

It took me several days contemplating whether or not to get it or just keep the money for something else. I've always been like that when it comes to spending money for myself especially for pricey items. I have been scouting the internet for the cheapest price but I heard that some stores that sell cheap were usually imitation so you'd end up wasting your money. Be careful! So I decided to buy from David Jones.

On their website, they only had the Live Irresistible EDP in 75ml for $164 while the EDT ones come in 2 sizes: 75ml for $145 and 40ml for $99. So when I went back to David Jones Parramatta, I asked for the 40ml of the EDT being the cheapest. It was the same scent but of less concentration and the box and bottle was of light pink colour, not as sassy as the EDP. Nevertheless, I was willing to get it already. Luckily, I asked about the 50ml bottle of EDP that they also have in store but not online. The lady punched it in to check the price and she was just as surprised when she said it was $94! Wow! She said she wasn't sure if it was on sale but what luck - for an EDP and it was bigger size too, I sealed the deal hehehe. The budget of $164 was cut down by $69, not bad considering the 50ml may last me a year hehehe.

Two spritz on my day clothes last for the rest of the day. In fact some of my clothes still smell sweet even in the laundry hamper. I usually prefer it more after the scent settles down. The pleasant waft of delicate sweetness is a mixture of fruity floral or even like candy to me. It's so mild I sometimes spray this to my little girls too and they love it.

I also did a few research about it. Apparently, Givenchy released the fragrance in 2015 as limited extension to the Very Irresistible line. I saw this one lots of times when scouting at the internet and read good reviews about it too. But going back, the top notes for Live Irresistible are pineapple, rose, grapefruit and tangerine. The heart notes are pepper, passion fruit and rose. The bottom notes are amber, orris, musk, vanilla bean, patchouli and praline. 

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