Thursday, April 26, 2018

My Kids Are Growing Up

'Sisters share childhood memories and grown up dreams...' 
Several weeks ago, after running a few errands that took us more than half of the day, Dear and I took the girls to IKEA at Marsden Park at Daisy's request. Whenever we go there, the kids would stay at the playroom while Dear and I would browse the store for an hour before we pick them up again.

We had just finished buying Daddy's stuff from Bunnings, which took a bit long so the girls started annoying each other. I eagerly went to IKEA's front desk to sign them in and hopefully lighten up their moods. The lady asked me what their ages were: Demi is 10 and Daisy is 8. Then the lady said they only allow kids 9 and below to play inside so Demi can't go in anymore. I wanted to take back what I said but I had been estopped. I was upset. My girls never separated before! To add insult to injury, the lady was smiling haughtily while she waited for me to answer. Grrrr... I asked Daisy if she still wanted to go in without her 'ate' but she was decided to play so I signed her in.

Meanwhile, I felt sad for my older daughter. It's not so much because she couldn't play anymore. In fact, when we were in Bunnings, she didn't want to go to IKEA anymore but Daisy insisted so we did. 

I felt sad because I wasn't expecting that this was how reality will strike me. My girls are growing up. Demi can't get in the playroom anymore and Daisy, who has always been clingy to her sister, is now slowly becoming independent too. These are definitely signs that my babies are growing up and the mommy is left dealing with her separation anxiety. I wanted to bawl like a baby.

Anyway, we continued inside the IKEA store and instead of clinging to my husband like I always did before, I had my arms around my daughter's shoulder while hers was entangled in my waist except when she's trying out a couch or bed, or when she's checking out interesting items. I was savouring the moments while I could still 'baby' her.

Halfway through I got tired and bored because I didn't find the storage boxes I needed. Dear told us to get something to eat while he scouted the floor on his own. I was slowing him down anyway. 

At the food court, my older daughter and I had a great time bonding but I couldn't shake away the nagging thought that it's weird that she's there while Daisy was inside the playroom without her ate. I'm so used to them being together. Both of them are growing up. Things are changing and it's kinda sad because I know pretty soon they will be teenagers. I don't think I am ready yet. Wasn't it just yesterday when they were small and they talked to me with their baby voices?

When the buzzer alarmed to signal that it's time to pick Daisy up, Demi eagerly ran to meet her. As I watched them exchange merrily how each had spent their one hour away from each other, I was kind of relieved. They were laughing together like sisters are supposed to do and the sight tugged at my heartstrings. 

I hope I am just being sentimental because of the pregnancy. Is it normal to feel this when you see your children starting to shed off the baby shell? Should I feel sad because my kids are growing up?

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