Wednesday, April 4, 2018

How I Spent the Easter Holiday

I am so thankful for this long weekend holiday as we have finally found time to catch up with house chores. Indeed, all 4 of us had spent the 1st day of the long weekend busy cleaning up and organising the house - the girls' bedroom in particular. That's right! The girls officially have their own bedroom now. Daddy did all the heavy work so thanks to him. The result? The girls were very happy with this granted freedom. In return, they also have to clean up their own bedroom each weekend dusting, tidying up including folding their clothes. So I'll just chuck their clothes in the bedroom and let the girls handle them from now on. This milestone is a win-win for sure! :) not to mention, I might just hang around in their bedroom on days they're in school. It's all cosy and it makes me think I am a young girl again :)

Happy cheeky girls. Wait til their first errands start haha.

Meanwhile, I was also able to sort out baby Darla's clothes. There were so many gifts all of them so so pretty. I suppose the task should have taken me about half-hour but I can't help imagining Darla on them, mix and matching them and even trying out the bigger ones on Pooh. Luckily Daisy believes that her Pooh bear is a girl and there she is looking pretty with a dress on! 

Just look at all those colourful onesies, and the bath robe! ♥️

Can't wait to mix n match!

More toys and blankies...

Other baby stuffs...

It took me half a day to sort out which clothes could be stored later when she's a month or so older and which ones to pack up at the hospital. In saying that, I have to sort out the ones for later later months another day. I get tired easily nowadays so I had to take a break.

Up until yesterday we were busy and now that I am on maternity leave, I shall spend the next days washing and shopping for the remainder of baby's things.

Daisy's reaction when I chucked the clothes for folding hehehe.

In fairness, we did have some time off to relax and have fun. But overall, I'd say it was a well spent long weekend.

The girls ready for the school Easter parade

Dear and I having coffee - he didn't let me finish the cake though. He's very strict with my sugar intake :(

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