Sunday, April 29, 2018

Happy Anniversary My Dear!

MAY 5, 2005 (05.05.05)

How can I not remember? This was the day when our paths first crossed. This was the beginning of the journey of our lives together. And I will never get tired of walking down memory lane with you and reminisce the treasures we have kept inside our Time Capsule.

Ours was an unconventional Love Story from the start. From worlds apart, we first met each other on Friendster. Who would have fathomed that your simple one-liner question, "How was the National Youth Convention?" would blossom into forever? Who would have guessed that years later we'll both find out that I was the "Sassy Girl" you had been looking for?

We put "Long-Distance-Relationship-Struggles" to shame. Despite being miles away, our souls connected in an inexplicable way. You were the best friend I had never seen in person and yet I knew that I could entrust in you my most profound thoughts and feelings.

Time has tested our love for each other. Days could stretch to weeks and weeks to months without communication but we never turned into strangers. We had an unconscious bond that no matter what happened, we will keep each other intact in our minds and hearts. 

Even the odds were on our side. Our personalities are as opposites as night and day, rain and shine. Even our preferences never matched. But our differences didn't matter. We found harmony in our incompatibilities, we found strength in irony.

And then on this day, we have said our vows. Years after we have been blessed with a lovely family and God has entrusted us 3 beautiful children. I wouldn't want to walk another path unless it is with you and our children. Even if the world is against me, it wouldn't matter as long as I have your love. And you have mine for eternity. 

I thank God for knowing you, for bringing you in my life, for giving us this family. Our anniversary is a reminder that despite my shortcomings, I must have done something good to be given this gift. I shall always cherish the magic that is our love all the days of my life... I love you my Dear...

This year, God gave us the most special gift ever... the birth of our Darla Jenn! Thanks be to God!

"If I never knew you, I'd have lived my whole life through, empty as the sky, never knowing why, lost forever..."

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