Thursday, April 19, 2018

Beautiful Changes and Unexpected Blessings

During the past few months, my life has been swamped by a lot of changes and blessings. To start with, it's been almost a year now since I have finally removed myself from the negative environment I had dwelled in for a long time. It had not only affected my emotional state but also the family's overall mood in general. I had always been stressed out and exhausted that there was rarely quality time with my loved. ones. Finally freeing myself had brought wonderful consequences, like a domino effect. It paid off immediately as I received commendations at work. :)

After the shift to a positive outlook, peace came immediately afterwards. One by one, I have found my passions back - writing, reading and all those creative projects which the kids have been hankering to do with me but I never got the time. Not all of them came back at the same time. Some had been triggered by friendships. Which leads me to the next thing I am thankful for.

Friendships. With a more compassionate disposition, I was able to attract closeness with people around me. Some relationships became stronger while some declined a little although the friendship lingered. Others were meant forever while some, short lived. I am ultimately thankful for each of their contribution in my life, the good times that I will always remember, and I always pray that God bless all these people who came, no matter if they stayed or moved on for they have all taught me lessons and gave me memories to treasure.

Then, there was my promotion which I never really expected since I found out I was pregnant. I did daydream frequently about getting the position before I go on maternity leave. I thought it would be nice not having to worry about it when I get back but I often shrugged it off as wishful thinking. So when I got the good news, I was walking on air. It didn't sink in right away but I didn't dare question how it happened even until now. All I know is that I am grateful for this miracle forever.

Finally and perhaps the most beautiful change that happened in my life is the coming of our 3rd child. The announcement of her made a significant shift in my priorities and after a long time I can finally dedicate myself to my children and husband as a housewife. This big change comes with challenges as well, but we have been blessed with wonderful people who have generously extended help and favours. From the workplace alone, I have experienced heartwarming well wishes and gifts. But most of all, I could never disregard the kindness from my friends from church and elsewhere - namely sis Yhen, sis Cecil, sis Karen, sis Clariz, sis Che, sis Gift, sis Mairah, sis Laurice, Lanie. Let me thank you all from the depths of my heart.

And of course the gifts from my dear hubby who has always been there to make things better :)

In two weeks time I shall be welcoming my greatest gift, Darla Jenn and I can hardly wait. Her coming in our life is sufficient reminder that I am blessed beyond words despite my shortcomings. I have been given beautiful changes and unexpected blessings in my life right now and that should be more than enough reason to look forward to life. Indeed, keeping a positive heart reaps great and incredible rewards and for that all I can say is Thanks Be To God!

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