Monday, April 30, 2018

Our Wedding Anniversary Gift From The Heavens

Born on the midnight of 29th April, our Wedding Anniversary date, I hereby introduce the precious gift given to us, the newest addition to the family, the girls' pet sister, daddy's 3rd princess, our darling Darla Jenn!

The King and his Princesses ❤❤❤

She wasn't due for delivery via Cesarean Section until 2nd of May. But heavens had a better plan and she was given to us on our Anniversary date instead. I wouldn't have it any other way. Thanks be to God. It was getting more and more of a struggle anyway as the due date was getting close. 

On the morning of 28th April, around 5am, I was awakened by a painful tightening on the lower part of my belly. It felt like period cramps that lasted for 15 seconds or so. I figured it should just be normal. But several more came in waves, every 10 minutes or less. Each bout was tolerable but painful enough to keep me awake. 

By half past 6, I got up because clearly sleep was out of the question. Besides, I was getting hungry. I had hot chocolate and donut while the girls and Dear were still asleep. It would have been a good day for sleeping in as it was a free Saturday.

By 8am, I was feeling exhausted. The cramps continued coming in. Tired, I went back to bed and fell asleep despite the pain. 

I didn't realise that I slept for a while before my husband came into the bedroom to ask if I'd like to eat lunch. However, he noticed something was off about me so we decided to call the Birth Unit. He just finished his lunch before we headed to the hospital by 1pm. I on the other hand was no longer able to eat.

When we got there, I was booked into a room and was asked to change to hospital gown. Monitors were attached to my belly to check the contractions and baby's heartbeat while they try to assess when I should go for the Cesarean Section. I would not go into the gory details done. They were all excruciating, on top of the constant contractions that were getting more and more intense and the heartburn which eventually led to vomiting. It was a very long and agonizing wait. There were several more urgent cases before me. Half of me was happy to delay, the thought of the surgery was just awful. Half of me, wanted to get over the pain of labour though. So I just lay there and waited helplessly, drifting on and off to sleep as waves and waves of labour pains come and go. 

Finally, by 11:30pm, I was wheeled in to the operating room. The team of doctors was amazing each of them comforting and sympathetic. This was my 3rd CS but 8 years ago had been quite a while. I was so terrified.

I was terrified when they administered the anesthesia, when they lay me on the operating bed, while they were making certain my lower body parts were numbed, while they draped a curtain over before my sight, while I feel the pressure of what was going on behind the curtain. I felt terrified despite my husband holding on to my hand... all these fears enshroud my senses.

Suddenly, I heard her cry. At first bubbly from the water where she just got out. Then clearer and I started coming back to reality. I heard the doctors' cheers as they said their 'congratulations' and 'happy anniversary,' I heard them call my husband over to have a look at our baby, I heard myself choking from tears of joy. Then they took my baby close to me. And I forgot all about the fears.

At 12:33am of 29th April, our 3rd daughter was born. This was our precious gift. This was the best celebration we could ever think of.

It was indeed a unique opportunity to have spent our anniversary that way. The happiest perhaps. And I will never forget this, neither will the whole family, for we will be celebrating this day differently now from here onwards... thanks be to God. 

Our lovely Princesses

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