Tuesday, April 17, 2018

A Bad Day Turned Around

My day started okay this morning but certain circumstances kind of rained on my parade. Pressures and frustrations that I'd rather keep mum about made me cranky and exhausted. Not even a power nap helped turn my mood around. My unlucky husband suffered a great deal from my crankiness but he didn't flinch a bit. Hint: he's partly the source of frustration hehehe.

In the afternoon, I had an appointment for ultrasound. It was a very quick one just to check baby's size and all. Before we left we were given a photo of Darla Jenn and it made all the difference. Instantly, I was happy and I and my husband we're cheerfully joking whose features were prominent. Now I am even more excited to see her!

Then, on the way back home, we picked up a couple of parcels from the Post Office. One of them was Diane's present! Oh thanks so much it came very timely! The clouds of darkness hovering above me were completely wiped away and now all I can see were blue skies and sunshine. I can't wait to read this book! Thanks again my friend!

And that was how a bad day is turned around for best!

PS: The book also came with a voucher from Naked Wines worth $100! We won't be able to use it although I have read from reviews that they have a good range of low alcohol content red wines. Nevertheless, I figured this voucher might be better off with someone else  :) 

UPDATE: Random name picker has selected S Shay Nia! Thanks and congratulations!


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