Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Daisy's Funny Remarks

This morning while I and the girls were walking to school, we saw crested pigeons on the footpath when Daisy made one of her really funny remarks. She asked if anyone actually put gel on the birds' "hair" which made it stuck up like the one in the photo. That was quite an imagination which I find really cute and funny.

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Daisy, being the younger one, has always been more naive and innocent than her sister Demi. When she was a lot younger, I remember her telling me about how disappointed she was with her classmates because they would not believe her. When I asked her what it was they did not believe, she started telling me about this different version of the story of the creation. Apparently, John Cena destroyed the world so God had to create a new one. I was dumbfounded because she was really angry and passionate about it so I had to ask her where this firm belief was sourced from and I thought this better be a reliable one. When she told me it was her Ate Demi who told her that, I had to muster all discipline not to laugh as I scolded her Ate for telling her younger sister foolish tales. I knew well that Demi was fooling with her little sister and it might even be a funny and silly concept except she didn't bother to clear this out with Daisy and the little one had so much faith in her knowledge and authority.

The cute thing about Daisy is that she's oozing with innocence when she makes these funny remarks like the time she just blurted out to shush because she was thinking about love or the time she complimented me and the hubby. Out of nowhere she told us, "Mom you're cute, you and dad." Deep inside I was melting happy, awww... How sweet! Then she continued, "people with trimple chins are cute" while she squeezes her chin to demonstrate "triple" chin. Take note, it wasn't even DOUBLE but TRIPLE! No wonder she didn't include Ate in the "cute" compliment.


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