Saturday, March 31, 2018

Baby Showers and Farewell at Work

The last 3 weeks at work I thought I would just slip quietly, like I always want to do. I decided to just finish up to March instead of working up to 2nd or 3rd week of April. I later on realised that this was rather very ambitious considering that I find it very difficult to walk now and my fish brain could hardly concentrate. So I concentrated my efforts to work up to the last day.

It feels as if I didn't contribute much to my new team. I just transferred officially during the last week of December. Fortunately, I was able to finish all of my cases before I left except for the new ones given to me. The last day was busiest, issuing assessments, turning over files, informing clients and keeping my desk tidy before I go. It was both a sad and exciting day for me. I'm gonna miss a lot of people and in one year's time I don't know what changes are going to happen. Yet I am excited too because I could now concentrate on my family.

Slipping quietly was not a success but I am not complaining. It was just that my friends at work were very thoughtful and insisted on lunch outs, gifts, baby showers and farewells. I am eternally thankful to everyone who had been very nice to me. Unexpected friends who were very thoughtful when I am not even deserving. It was all so heartwarming to receive gifts, well wishes, goodbye hugs and sincere concern to keep in touch. You have all made my last days at work not only bearable but even memorable so thank you and may God bless you in return.

To my current Mgr. Tony, TL. Negeri, and the whole team, thank you for the surprise baby shower and farewell meeting. When I got the invite on the morning of Wednesday I thought I would have to turn over my files so I brought in with me my notebook and pen. Oddly, inside the meeting room I noticed I was the only one with notes hahaha. Good job with the surprise element! And special mention of thanks to Alia and Sefath who did the gift shopping. The stuff were all so pretty and lovely! Love them all and can't wait to use them on baby Darla.

On a side note, Michael didn't want to be in the group photo but accidentally took a selfie on my phone. So tempted to post it now but I am not equipped to go on war at the moment haha. Had he known this plan he probs wouldn't have hugged and wished me goodbye and good luck haha.

Also thanks to my previous Team 1. I didn't expect it would be a team effort. You never ceased to make me feel welcome even after leaving. Thanks for the lunch, gifts and warm messages. I love you all still from the bottom of my heart. You guys live up to your name, Amazing Team 1!

To my original mentors, Gulshad and Avi. Or should I thank the wives instead who did the shopping and organising of the gifts? Hehehe. I owe you so much for being great mentors and now I owe you so much more! Your kind gestures and well wishes are forever treasured in my heart. 

To my good friend Shiela, thanks for the lunch treat. I am so touched that you will take the time to even go out with me. I regret forgetting to take a selfie of us though, darn! Also, to Cindy, my newfound friend. Thanks for being very nice to me. I guess we understand each other very much being in the same boat. I can't wait to see both of our babies! 

Looking haggard on my last day - hugs to Cindy, tita Lulu and tita Violeta :)

Of course, to Iris my twinnie in mischief. During my last few days, you had been my constant buddy. Sorry for ruining your diet, you know I am more after your happiness hehehe. Thank you very much for the lovely times and this wonderful reminder of our friendship. I might paint the girls one day and I note that you are the one who has her legs crossed hehe. I will miss you so keep in touch okay? I will just be around here so don't hesitate to reach out whenever you need to.

And to everyone who has made me feel a little bit better during the pregnancy one way or another. You are too many to mention but please know that every single detail of kindness you have done for me is remembered and treasured. From the most sincere concern and care during my morning sickness up to the my very last day at work, thank you. May God bless you all in return. :)

And now it's time to focus on my family. I can temporarily forget about work in the meantime as there's no use fussing about it. For more than 1 year, a lot can change. Hopefully when I get back to work, the changes will only be good ones. Shoot to the moon hehehe. 

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