Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Ode To A Friend

I have been trying to work my brain out to come up with an article you have requested me to "feature" on my blog. Just recently, we had been sitting targets of someone else’s garbage – malicious thoughts intended to taint our characters over actions that they themselves can freely do. Perhaps, I had let the situation affect me more than I should have and I am sorry for this mistake. I hope we could all let this go and be peaceful again. To be angry for a moment is acceptable but the last thing I would want to happen is for us to harbour hatred. I believe majority of the workplace population are still nice people. We don’t want to join the Dark Side, do we? Hehehe.

The best defence therefore, is to guard our hearts. The next time we see a person who would rather see malice and pessimism, let’s regard them with kindness and compassion. Take note, “the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” So maybe, they are just currently unhappy with their lives. If we strike back, we are only letting the pessimism spread into our hearts too, thus we get defeated. And isn’t it divine if instead of striking back, we give them hugs and flowers instead? *sigh* love conquers all ;)

Also, you have to live by what your favourite singer, Selena Gomez (apart from Justin Bieber), sings (sorry for exposing you – hahaha!)

“The world can be a nasty place
You know it, I know it, yeah
We don't have to fall from grace
Put down the weapons you fight with
And kill 'em with kindness”

So be happy and celebrate life as it comes easy on you. I might ask you to remain “placid” as you are so as not to strike back or get stirred emotionally (like me hehehe). We will remain passive and boring as we are. We may not attract a lot of friends in the process, but we will attract the right ones. The truth is, I would rather we have a few but real friends.

So thank you for pacifying me. This article is dedicated to you for being a mentor, for having more wisdom and decorum, for being a selfless friend and most of all for the being the shock absorber of my sharp mouth (sorry *sheepish smile*).

Oh, and lastly, thank you for encouraging me to write again... :)

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