Friday, February 23, 2018

My 3rd Pregnancy Diaries

In 10 weeks or less, I shall be meeting my baby Darla Jenn and I know my husband and my girls are as excited as I am to meet her! The signs are here – Braxton Hicks, heartburn, pelvic pains, shortness of breath. Sleepless nights have come earlier but with the way I am feeling now, I do not know if my original plan of coming to work as close to birth date is still possible hehehe. That means maybe in 8 weeks or less, I’ll be saying goodbye to my colleagues. Not for good though, but for at least a year I am planning to enjoy motherhood. I don’t want to think about coming back, I know it will be strange for a lot can happen in one year.

It seems like ages ago since I found out I was pregnant. Before that, my body had been showing me signs that I nonchalantly shrugged off and blamed on my hectic life. In between, work and motherhood duties, our choir group had also been preparing for a big event back in August 2017 so lots of weekends, I was running to and fro our house and the church to attend practices and at the same time mind the girls. I frequently skipped breakfast and lunch just to fit all activities in the day and I felt like being chased by horses every weekend.

Late in August 2017, I started feeling fatigue but I thought it was just me overworking myself. One day while on Flex Leave, my husband took me out so we could both relax and while in the car, in the middle of our conversation, I suddenly fell asleep. Then early in September, after a busy choir practice, while we were singing in front of the congregation, I suddenly felt a sick tightening in my stomach. I couldn’t breathe and I felt clammy, my vision becoming blurry. I knew I was going to faint next if I stayed so immediately, I went down the stage and walked to the back where I sat next to my husband. My hands were shaking and I was noticeably very pale that my husband had to give me food. I felt better after eating so I thought I was just hungry but it was still odd, because I am used to skipping meals for longer periods before but never felt that sick.

One Friday in early September, I woke up with a slight pain in my stomach. I always run from the school to the station after dropping off the girls but that day, I couldn’t. The pain was tolerable but if I ran, I knew I would throw up. I thought to myself, my ulcer had come back because I was abusing myself.

For 5 days I endured the pain but I started eating more frequently even when I didn’t have appetite. Some mornings, the pain lingered so I would drink Coke to ease it. Luckily, I had a very motherly colleague at work who convinced me to see the doctor. The day she noticed I look exhausted, I told her I had been having a hard time sleeping for almost a week already because of the stomach pains. She practically kicked me out of the office to the doctor and it wasn’t even lunch time.

When I saw the doctor that afternoon, I told her I needed prescription for my “ulcer.” Of course she did some tests first and when she told me to do the pregnancy test, I chuckled. I was so positive I wasn’t pregnant because we were not planning to have another baby until after I finish my CPA. But when she looked at me and said, “it’s positive, you’re pregnant,” I was in disbelief but I felt an indescribable kind of joy inside. Little did I know that a couple more weeks and the joy would be overshadowed by extreme morning sickness.

As the days in September rolled by, my vomiting also increased in frequency until I could no longer eat. I remembered just lying in bed all day, a basin within arms reach. Every 5 or 10 minutes, waves of nausea came one after the other. I was hoping to just fall asleep and wake up when the baby’s due. It was so extreme until one night I had to be taken to the Emergency Department. The nurses were shaking their heads at me in pity while I vomit my soul, for there was nothing left to vomit. For 3 days I was confined. At one point I was served breakfast, I just stared at the food and tears streamed down my eyes – all those food and yet I couldn’t eat, what about the baby? The doctor had to encourage me to take small bites while the meds were settling down the acid reflux and assured me that the baby was fine. Ketones were found in my blood meaning my body was burning stored fats to produce glucose for the baby but I had to eat or my body won’t sustain it. Eventually, with the IV drips and being able to nibble on solid food, I was discharged.

Getting back on track was still difficult. I tried hard to get by without the meds because I was a bit scared of what effects they could have on my baby. The nausea came back, and so did the vomiting which left me lethargic. Coming to work was such a struggle so that by the end of October, I decided to take a 2-week break.

When I got back from my 2-week break from work, I was almost over with first trimester. I was praying very hard that second trimester would be a breeze but I didn’t want to be too hopeful for I have heard of cases wherein the morning sickness stays for the full term! But thank God! By November, the vomiting gradually decreased from night times only, to one night in a week to totally gone!

Second trimester had been an enjoyable one as soon as the morning sickness stopped. I was light enough and still energetic and my appetite started to pick up. We were able to go on holidays, do a gender reveal party, I was able to go out with friends, etc. There were days I even forgot I was pregnant (hehehe).

Gender Reveal Cake
Holiday with family after a difficult ordeal
Now I can’t believe I am on the last trimester. When I started, I wanted to hasten the days to my due date counting the days, weeks and months down. Finally, 10 weeks or less. How time flies! Thank God I am almost at the finish line. I am excited to face this new chapter in my life. This is the first that Nilo had witnessed my full term pregnancy, the first that he will be there during delivery, and the first that he will see our baby grow from infant to toddler. Indeed, all those pains and joys have been worth it!

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