Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Is It Too Late Now To Say Sorry?

I felt like singing this song now for an epic fail that just happened this morning on my way to work.

While waiting for the bus I started plugging my earphones because I was getting bored. At that moment the bus came so I quickly alighted before I could even play the music.

I tapped my Opal card first and went to select a seat but because there were no more spaces close to the door I decided to just stand. While struggling to keep my balance I went back to playing my music. Halfway through the song I prepared to get off. It was a short drive to the train station and before we all alighted the bus, the lady on the seat next to where I was standing gave me a weird look but I ignored her. I tapped my Opal card and went down and that's when I saw the plug of my earphones dangled before me!

Every details started flashing before my eyes. How the bus was very quiet when I got on and how I even turned up the volume because I couldn't hear the music properly. Oh how embarrassing! That's why the lady gave me a weird look hahaha! She probably figured out I was just nuts when she saw the earphones plugged in my ears hahaha.

I wanted to say sorry but everyone has gone on their own merry way. Ah well, I just shrugged it off and smiled and shoved off the memory to the nutty files folder. Hehehehe...

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