Sunday, May 28, 2017

A Most Unforgettable Yum Cha Date

Last Monday, Ddith and I went to this Yum Cha restaurant that is close to the office. I was initally gonna take my husband to this place after my exams because we haven't spent quality time in a while. But he had something else planned for our family so I went with my big sister in the office instead.

It was an all you can eat voucher which I never bothered reading the fine print. We have never went to this place before and when I read the reviews, I was kind of disheartened. I expected a little bit of trouble so I printed both the voucher and booking confirmation. Surprisingly, when we arrived around 11:30am they just asked for my name and then seated us without hassles. We didn't even have to wait long. 

As the trolleys came, we were looking out for the siomai and the steamed goodies that we are comfortably familiar with but we never saw them so we got some other stuffs that were new to us - taro, sticky rice, pork belly, tofu and something mushy with corns (I don't know what it is) - until our table was full. When we saw the siomai and steamed goods finally, the staff refused to give us anymore food unless we have finished the previous ones we took. 

I asked if we could just get the mango pancake for dessert and then go. But even that they refused to give us. The receptionist even warned us that for every plate we don't finish, we will be charged $10. Later on, I read the fine print and found the rules there -  too late hahaha. But we were not aware that the food we took were not so yummy so with sad puppy eyes, Ddith and I tried to finish them one by one. 

Luckily, two of the older women pushing the carts took our plates away when the receptionist and the other strict woman went away. We were about to stand up and go but they held us back and motioned for us to sit down. Then one of them went to the fridge to give us the mango pancakes!

Oh I wanted to hug them both! How kind! Ddith and I gobbled up the dessert in no time and we quickly said our thanks and went away running as if the receptionist would chase us for the plates we didn't entirely finish hehehe.

It was a very funny experience and we were still laughing until we reached the office. It was an experience that almost ended sour but because of the two kind women, it made all the difference. 

Hopefully, we will be coming back next time for more bonding moments. 

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