Monday, January 2, 2017

Finally! The 1st Day of 2017

I have been waiting for this day not because 2016 had been a bad year for me. True, it had its tough times but generally, 2016 went by smoothly. It's not also about resolutions. Nothing profound here. It's just that finally I can use my Le Petit Prince journal!

I received this surprise in August from my best friend, Lorraine, who sent me this gift for my birthday. I remembered ranting to her how I wanted to start a diary but I can't because I couldn't find the perfect notebook: pretty, small and handy, has a calendar and plenty of fancy pages to write on. I didn't realise I was describing this very cute journal. ❤

When I  first saw the journal, I fell in love with it. It is very pretty and elegant. I love its vintage look - kraft brown, with decorative bronze metal at the corners and drawings of stamps here and there. Just perfect!

Its size was also one I preferred. It fits perfectly in one hand so it wouldn't be inconvenient to bring it in your bag everyday. It doesn't weigh heavy either.

Then it has this blank calendar pages. I remember telling bes that this was one of my dilemmas. If I had to find the perfect journal with the calendar at the middle of the year, then all those months that had past would no longer be used :(

So this journal has blank calendars so that means I could have started using it from when I received it. But because I am very fussy, I wanted to start from January. I don't mind. It's one of those "worth-the-wait" stuffs hehehe. Some might ask, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the calendars, there I was complaining how I couldn't find the one that I  could buy anytime of the year and still be able to use all the pages. But even if it had been a filled-out calendar, the fact is, I haven't seen a shop sell a diary as early as halfway through the previous year. A lot of shops do put them on sale at the end of the year although I personally think nobody would bother correcting the dates every single entry. The thought makes me cringe! That would make the diary very ugly and messy. The nightmare!

Anyway, the benefits of having a lovely diary is that it inspires me to write down as often as I can. So I made my first entry using nice coloured gel pens too.

On one of the shiny dark blue pages, I used a gold gel pen. The results were stunning.

Maybe next time I should use a silver one. Oh I can't wait to fill this journal out for the rest of the year! :)

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