Thursday, December 29, 2016

Summer Nights Dream

It had been a couple of very warm nights now and the kids are finding it difficult to settle before sleeping. On top of that, hubby is working at night for about 2 weeks now. That means, the kids were constantly competing for the vacant spot next to me! I'm deeply flattered although this poses a great dilemma too - as only 2 people could fit on the mum-&-dad-bed.

Yesterday night, Demi made a deal with her little sister that Daisy could sleep next to me that night if Demi could sleep with me the next night. Knowing that Daisy sometimes gives her word carelessly, we wrote the agreement down and had her signed it (hehehe). Nevertheless, when it was her ate's turn to sleep next to me, I had to show Daisy the pact that she signed, but she still insisted to sleep next to me leaving her "ate" with a heavy heart. The thing is, Daisy is still very much a toddler while Demi, being the mature one, always ends up giving in especially when she sees me getting a hard time convincing Daisy to be fair.

When I thought both girls had fallen asleep, I turned out the night lamp and got ready to sleep myself. A few moments after though I could hear Demi's silent weeping so I stood up to check the top of the bunk bed where she was sleeping and found her covered in blanket from head to toe! Turned out she wasn't fully asleep yet and the pitch black darkness scared her. I pulled the sheets that covered her head and looked at her face. Here is my usually independent and strong-willed 9-year-old looking so vulnerable that my heart immediately went out for her. I pulled the rest of the sheets from her and coaxed her to come down from the bed for a hug and she broke down like a baby.

Poor girl, drenched in sweat! I would have Demi slept beside Daisy while I sleep on the bottom bunk bed (where Daisy usually sleeps) but when I turned on the night lamp, Daisy woke up and complained of the heat.

Finally, Daisy agreed to sleep alone on her bed while her ate sleeps next to me. She realised that it was a lot cooler on her spot after all. As for me, sleep hopefully comes back as soon as I finish this post.

Looking at my older daughter earlier tonight reminded me of myself more than 20 years ago. It was a hot summer night like this one in the Philippines and sleep was like torture. My bed sat right next to the window overlooking the back yard. On other nights, I would have no problems sleeping because I just close the bottom windows. But because it was very hot that night, my auntie, who sleeps with me in the bedroom refused to have the windows closed to let the wind in. So there I was, on the edge of my bed as far away from the window as the bed would allow, wrapped in blanket except for the part of the face where I need to breathe in. To make matters worse, I was directly facing the bedroom door which was left open that night, again so air could go in. My imagination was bombarded by ghastly things that could stand in the doorway. Of course they were all silhouettes clad in white gown. The thoughts eventually always ended up with the ghostly sighting that Vilma Santos had seen in the film Lipa Massacre, moments before she was murdered along with her 2 kids.  Oh, the regret I felt for watching the movie. But then in daylight I had always been brave haha. Anyway, I knew the feeling of that sheer terror I had that night which was why my heart melted when I saw Demi like that.

Sigh. Back in winter I said I can't wait for warm summer back. But this is just too much I can't wait until it's autumn again. Such an insatiable creature I am. I have never felt this kind of heat in the Philippines, not in my childhood even, except perhaps in my mind while reading the book Thimble Summer - such good childish memories that puts a smile on my face. Oh well, summer isn't all that bad maybe, especially if I could associate it with nice memories of the happy summer vacations I had back then... I hope that the next nights would not be as bad anymore, because really, I do love summer still. :)

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