Thursday, December 22, 2016

Love Letters and Stuffs!

As the days get closer to ending the 2016, I can't say that things are winding down smoothly. Disappointments pour left and right, not only to me, but me as a disapointment to others (sheepishly, I ask forgiveness please). I hope I don't receive a lot of hate for my shortcomings hehe.

I am proud to say though that I am still very thankful because I have been given girlfriends - both close and apart - who have been sources of courage at times and sounding boards for most. Other than my family, they were the ones who were willing to lift me up and encourage me to keep trying even when I was so bitter and dark. Special mention goes to my besty, Lorraine, blog pal (personally considered blog guru), Diane and "ate" Didith.

As a simple gesture of gratitude, I wish to make my girlfriends happy and send them a few cute stuffs - making use of my skills in art. For my ate, being within arms reach, a personalised coffee cup, a personalised charm and a funny book about girl talk.

The cup bearing her signature motto: she believed she could so she did!

For besty and Diane who are miles away from me, an old school post with mini surprises inside. I love letters! Besides, I have been wanting to actually use this cute customized wraparound label. Believe - in keeping the LOVE burning for it is our best defense against every trials and problems.

This is a sneak peek... It's should be almost complete but not quite as I have yet to write the main letter but I'm getting there. Hopefully, I would be able to write about what's inside afterwards :)

To inspire me, my "ate" also gave me this lovely drink coaster - 

Now, every time I take my tea and coffee breaks, I shall always be positively charged. :)

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