Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Sunday Fun Day

Last Sunday, we took out the kids to WestPoint Blacktown to meet the family from church whose little girls were friends with Demi and Daisy. WestPoint was holding an event called The Hunt for children to enjoy during the school holidays. The event was themed Alice in Wonderland.
Photo source: https://cdn-az.allevents.in/banners/37009065adbcd38bcf5c9f571abc6376

We got there a few minutes earlier than our friends and went straight to level 4 where a life size hedge maze was set up. It was just a small maze so the girls were able to walk the whole maze before their friends Ela and Yami arrived.
Daisy and Demi at the Mad Hatter's tea party table
Demi's priceless expression while the rabbit pulls down the hat over Daisy's face... hehehe
The distorted looking glass that even mum and dad could not resist trying hahaha

Gigantic tea cups

And the life sized chess board that sits in between the maze entrance and exit

Just as we were exiting the maze, their friends Ela and Yami has arrived! Yehey!

Back at the entrance with their friends Ela (left) and Yami (right)
Afterwards, we went down to level 1 where an activity was ongoing. The kids get to design their own wooden clocks with markers.

Left: while waiting for their turns Right: Designing their clocks.

The busy bee gang
The activity ended at 3pm after which we ate at the food court on level 3.
Happy meals and happy kids
We just did a few groceries before leaving the shopping centre. Since today was my husband's birthday, bro Rodel invited us over for dinner to their house where sis Cookie, bro Edward and their 2 little boys would meet us.

It was a great day! Cradling their little baby Lois in my arms while watching The Healing (a horror movie), the other grown ups get the dinner ready, and the kids planning on their school holiday slumber party, there was just too much going on that the couch potato (ME hehe) was getting overwhelmed.

Finally, after eating sumptuous dinner of pancit and ice cream for desserts, we were ready to call it a day and part with another good memories to tell and cherish. :)

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