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Movie Review: The Healing

I know this movie had been released 4 years ago but I have just recently watched it and I found it interesting so I thought why not make a review? Or at least narrate our experience while watching the movie.

Last Sunday, S. Cecil invited us to have dinner at their house. While at their house, S. Cookie with her husband and 2 little boys joined us too. While waiting for S. Cecil's husband to finish cooking pancit, we decided to watch a movie.

Browsing through their DVDs, I couldn't quite pick one, because they were all romantic films... except for one. So that's how I/we ended up watching The Healing.

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So it all started when Seth, the main character played by Vilma Santos, brought her bedridden father to a well-know faith healer called Elsa. Apparently, Elsa was a very effective faith healer, she's got long queues of people waiting to be healed. So after healing her father, they both went about to go home.

A few days later, Seth came home greeted by a very healthy version of her father. While she was very happy that her father's no longer sick, she was also appalled by the change in her father's behaviour - eating unhealthy foods, throwing parties, drinking beer and dating out different young ladies.

Now, I found several things funny about this movie. The first one was: that almost everyone in Seth's circle of friends and family has an extremely incurable disease: a rotting flesh on the foot, psoriasis, breast lump, goiter, blind... well, some maybe not incurable but they were extreme cases. Anyway, in my opinion, I think that was an unlikely probability. But of course, Aling Elsa's healing powers has to be showcased, so why not cast a terrible disease on 90% of Seth's friends and families?

Anyway, all of these friends and families also went to Aling Elsa to be healed. When they went there, Aling Elsa's house looked abandoned with the shutters down. They called on her but Aling Elsa's husband was driving them away saying his wife's no longer performing faith healing. Eventually, Aling Elsa treated them too, and one by one, they started getting well.

Strange things started happening not long afterwards. People killing (the gruesome sort) and then committing suicide (as gruesome as the killing). As the number of the cases increased, they soon discovered that the ghastly mishaps were directly related to the persons who had been healed by Aling Elsa. Oddly enough, Seth's father was spared.

Anyway, that should be enough info in case anyone still hasn't watched it and is planning to. I have to admit, there was one scene I found very creepy and disturbing: when Greta (Ynez Veneracion) appeared before Seth's eyes out of nowhere - in the dark too of course. But the creepiest part was when Seth called her, her neck twisted in an inexplicable freakish way.

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One would have realised sooner that the unfortunate events were linked to the persons who were healed and although Seth and her gang tried to find a solution and was actually given one, they didn't act quickly enough. I'd say it was a waste of time they even bothered to know the solution. If you watch the movie, you'll probably agree with me.

So my husband was getting as annoyed as I was towards the characters while the story unfolds to its climax. At one point, there was Cookie (Kim Chiu) - who, according to the series of events, would be the next victim, being sheltered by her brother and Seth, with 24 hour surveillance cameras, and locked inside a house. Not that either of the two would help prevent what's gonna come. Anyway, while under watch, Cookie's expression suddenly turned weird and funny. Not creepy. To me, she seemed to be smirking as if joking around with her brother. When her brother tried to call her, yelling at the top his lungs, she would not answer. Yep, she's just trying to scare her brother.

Then another scene.

Going back to Cookie, this time she was wildly destroying the whole house trying to kill her brother and I barely heard one of us said "maybe she's just acting." That cracked me up hahaha. Especially when Cookie's face was focused: eyes bulging in a grotesque way.

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That's very difficult to act hahaha. I mean, you can act crazy although running after your brother with a knife and trying to stab him is a bit overboard. But to bulge your eyes out like that! NOPE. Just like dividing a number by 0 - cannot be.

Well, the movie was entertaining enough for me. I'd say I would give it 5 but had to take away 2 stars because:

- Seth wasted money over a rat poison
- Seth has issues choosing between the life of a criminal and the life of her loved ones
- doppelgangers die of electrocution
- doppelgangers get a second chance to live and tend to be smarter than before

Just my 2 cents :)

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