Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mommy Duties - Day 3

Day 3 - 1 July 2016 Friday

This was the busiest day of my Mommy Duties series. Today was the first day of the month, last day of the week and the children's last day of term before the 2-week school holidays. The husband is celebrating his 18th birthday on Sunday but we'll be having a busy weekend, so I thought I need to do something for dinner tonight. It has been a long overdue plan to bake a cake and I have some of the ingredients on hand. I also have a packet of Thai Coconut Rice so I'll just need some meat to go with it. So Ube Cake it is then plus a Thai cuisine (which I have no experience making).

I quickly scanned how my day will go. Getting stuff from the grocery needs half an hour. Baking the cake roughly needs 2 hours. Nah, it's impossible to be able to do anything at all! Plus, the kitchen needs some cleaning up anyway so I decided to take the whole day off from work.

It's the last day in school, so I dressed the children up in Mufti clothes. They haven't had feminine fashion for quite a while, especially the hair styles, as daddy can only do a rolled up hair bun. So, they were a little bit more dressed up today.

The kids' winter attire. Love the stockings!

After dropping off the kids to school, I took the train to Mt Druitt to get something for Nilo and the kids' winter clothes in Kmart and get the other ingredients from Woolies. I only had a few things needed but the packet of potatoes and the bottle of milk made everything so heavy I wish I had Nilo to drive me. Still, in between the travel, while waiting for the bus and train, I managed to squeeze in chatting with my childhood friends on Facebook. We have recently established a reunion which is another story to tell in another post. :)

It took close to 2 hours before I got everything. When I got off the train station to St Marys, I decided to take the bus because there's no way I could walk a kilometer with all my heavy grocery bags. While waiting for the bus, and chatting with my friends, I barely heard a thumping sound and some yelling and when I looked behind, 2 men were fighting. There was a good distance between them and us commuters but I would have ran away and left my bags in case they got any closer. Lucky, it didn't last long. Soon they were both walking away and a transport officer was calling the police.

Finally, home! I ate breakfast hastily then set off to work immediately. I started off by cleaning the kitchen. I would have taken a before and after photo but I was so eager to start I forgot to do it. I finished at 12:30 and was hesitating to start baking as there might not be enough time. I started off anyway. The time pressure and my lack of baking tools and utensils made the ordeal much more difficult. There I was trying a challenging recipe for the first time, under time pressure, and without enough tools. I was getting dizzy!

Getting everything prepared for the Ube Cake
Anyway, the recipe and the story for this Ube Cake is worthy of a different post on its own hehehe. By 2:30pm, I had finished the cake and cleaned up the kitchen. Just in time to pick up the kids. I didn't have time start the Thai Coconut Rice though but I thought I could do it after picking up the kids from school.

After school, the kids and I were about to go straight back to the house when Nilo called to say I should take them somewhere and then he'll meet us there. We have done enough rounds in the shopping centres for the past 2 days so we went to the library this time. While Demi and I had settled into a book we chose, Daisy was mostly restless again. Her restlessness was a good thing that time because she was the first to notice that daddy had been sitting at a distant table watching us and basically waiting for our attention. Cheeky! He wasted 10 minutes sitting there and if Daisy had been busy with a book too, well, he'll have to give up or wait til the Library closes hahaha.

The kids in the library striking such an unusual pose haha

We ended up eating out anyway, so the cake had to wait. The Thai dish had to wait even longer and hopefully turns out good on my next post. :)

And that ends my 3-day-mommy-duties. What an adventure!

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