Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Mommy Duties - Day 2

Day 2 - 30 June 2016 Thursday

I knew it was going to be another cold day again so I wrapped the kids up with beanies and gloves this time. I had recently bought a pair for myself too, but then I realised one pair of their old pair of gloves was missing, so I had to lend mine to Daisy.

Winter clothes upgrade :)

As usual, we were finished with the whole morning routine by 7am and by quarter to 8, we were out of the house. Halfway through, we noticed there were frost on the grass in the park right across the street. The girls were curious (as we haven't seen snow) and although this wasn't really snow, this was good enough to see hehe. We're very early so there's plenty of time to check this out so off we went across the street.

Frost on the grass
The school was empty again when we got there. I stayed for a while and wait for some people to turn up before leaving the girls behind to go to work.

Empty hallways

The mandatory selfie hehehe
My hands were freezing without the gloves
I got the earlier train today so I got to work 15 minutes earlier than yesterday. I feel like I was getting chased by horses because soon afterwards, I had to run again and catch the train to pick the children up from school.

At work, we had morning tea. It was our team's private joke because my colleague A was on leave for 3 days from yesterday, so we called it "A"-Free Day hahaha. Ironically, we had the food on her desk and used her plates and utensils. It was end of financial year as well, that was the better reason. The fact that I was working undertime plus the morning tea felt like it was holidays!

Team 1 Morning Tea with A's farmer
Surprisingly, I was able to finalise a case today with plenty of time before I had to leave. Not bad!

To be continued...

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