Monday, July 4, 2016

Mommy Duties - Day 1

As a mom, I find that there's something special about waking up in the morning and realising that I will be helping the kids get ready for school and then attending to household chores for a while. Last week, for 3 days, I had to drop the kids to school and pick them up as well. Those days were very very hectic nevertheless exciting!

Here's a glimpse of Day 1.

My husband got up at 4am and pretty much that got me awake as well, being the light sleeper that I am. I tried to drift off to sleep for another hour and finally got out of bed at 5 past. After getting dressed, I went out of the bedroom to prepare the children's breakfast, which daddy has cooked before leaving the house.

Breakfast and packed food for school all prepared by daddy!

Not long after, the kids woke up at around 6:30 or so. School uniforms are ready just as well. The kids quickly get dressed and went out to the dining to have breakfast.

Eating their fave food for brekky, minced chicken spring rolls
The kids finished early and was prepared to go by 7am but it's too early so I let them play and do whatever they want. Then at quarter to 8, we are all ready to walk to school.

It was a very cold walk at negative 1 degree Celsius! Our breaths made fog in the air.

The kids playing with the winter cold air
Unlike daddy, who usually drops them off at 5 minutes before the time (sometimes even late hehe), mommy dropped them off very early so we were the first ones in the school grounds.

Hallways are still empty, we were very early!
Soon as other people started coming, I said goodbye to my little girls to catch an earlier train to work. The streets' surface were so cold and even though I was wearing thick stockings, the cold got into my flats and made my feet numb. Lucky it's just a short walk. I think my feet would have frozen if it was longer.

To be continued...

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