Sunday, June 5, 2016

How to Relax on a Weekend

Last weekend, I have finally found the time (and energy) to organise the house or at least a part of it, and get rid of some of my rubbish. Well, I didn’t really get rid of them. It was more like transforming them into something useful so their presence is still very much existing inside the house much to husband’s disappointment. So yeah, you might think, this isn't related to the title of the post, but surprisingly, this is how a typical working mum relaxes on a weekend in Sydney ;)

So last Sunday, while husband and kids were outside, I took out my collapsed tissue boxes, leftover gift wraps and long outstanding recycled art plans and came up with these DIY desk organisers. It all started with a dismay over this mess:

It’s hard enough to have your house invaded by 2 growing kids, but to have creative ones made the ordeal much harder. They are never contented with just sitting around the doll house while they make their dolls talk in this flimsy high voice. They always have to “create” something. It is good and I am proud to have such creative little sassy girls, but just like all other privileges, this fortune comes with responsibilities. And I did gain some virtues in the process:

1.       Be innovative – I should always have a new activity/project in hand

2.       Be ready – Scissors, sticky tapes, pencils, rubbers etc – there must be one handy everywhere in the house

3.       Be generous – because you will often find your own materials getting ransacked

4.       Be patient – because they won’t be while in the middle of a project

5.       And of course, be organised (not to mention be able to control your temper)  – because – the MESS!

Luckily, the desk organisers I made have become very handy in getting organised.

I’m so proud of my recycled stuff it makes me teary-eyed (the drama queen that I am)… They’re very useful and they turned out nice, by the way. In the past, I had so many projects that end up in the bin and in fact, this was on the brink of ending up the same fate. I was getting discouraged because it didn’t look good until I had it wrapped and it was the most difficult task. I had to do the extra mile though and I am so glad I did it because it made a such a big difference.  I am prouder about the fact that I didn’t even spend a single cent because you know, a frugal person like me says to herself that “nice and pretty doesn’t have to be costly” over and over like a mantra.

More on my house restoration adventures next time :) Hopefully will be able to do the next project as proposed in the photo.

For details on the DIY desk organisers, head on over to my crafting blog inspired by my 2 little raucous daughters: Little Sassy Girls

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