Saturday, August 8, 2015

No Bake Banoffee Pie

My good friend and sister in faith, sis K, have been showering us with home made cakes several times now. I appreciated her cakes not only because they're fresh and scrumptious but also because they look and taste better than the store-bought ones. Her cakes are so good I'm tempted to pursue baking myself. Looks like a lot of fun!

Now I am even more confused which hobbies to pursue. There's the Barbie project, my passion for reading and just very lately, my plans to venture clay crafting. But when I saw this no-bake banoffee pie in facebook, I decided to purchase some basic inexpensive tools needed for baking.

The tools needed for this "project" are:

Mixing bowls 2
Zip lock plastic
Electic hand mixer
Baking trays

I'm entirely zero with baking so the only tool I had in the kitchen was the zip lock plastic hehe. Luckily, Kmart has the other 3 for very cheap prices.

The ingredients for this recipe all bought from Woolies are:

Lady fingers
Butter 1/4 cup
Thickened cream
Condensed milk
Oreo cookies

For the procedures:

1- pound the lady fingers into fine crumbs or at least into very small bits

2- melt the butter and mix with the lady fingers crumb

3- set the crumb into the base of the baking tray

4- drizzle the crumb base with condensed milk

5- cut bananas into thin slices and layer above the crumb

6- beat the thickened cream with the electric hand mixer until fluffy; add condensed milk to desired sweetness

7- put the cream on top to the brim of the tray

8- put 2 pieces Oreo cookies in a ziplock plastic and pound to crumbs

9- top the Oreo crumbs then cover the tray

10- finally, put in the freezer to cool :)

And then you can enjoy your very own version of banoffee pie :)

Trivia: banoffee is actually from banana and toffee (which is heated up condensed milk) but because I was too lazy to heat up the condensed milk, I decided to drizzle it as it is... hehe.


  1. Yum!!! One of these days gagawin ko ito... (although of course I'm wishing those trays can be sent here para kakainin ko nalang.) Or tulungan kita magdurog ng oreo. :) What's your next project? :)

    1. Don't worry bes God willing makakauwi din kami dyan and I'll make so many nice food for us we will momentarily forget there's a word "diet" hahaha

      Up next on food, embutido. Pero on other things, family photo albums, Barbie dresses to sell (kaso wala pang sewing machine), and driving lessons (again) haha


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