Friday, July 3, 2015

DIY Barbie Office Suit

I can't believe that the month of June had passed so quickly and I never had the chance to do an entry.

Not that I have been a frequent blogger lately. Since I came to Sydney, I found myself struggling to keep my blog going. This time around though, it wasn't because life was dull or that I didn't feel like writing. I'm actually glad that I feel the want to blog again but there's just not enough time lately. 

So, here is my long overdue post. From the last post I wrote, I mentioned about my new fancy which is the Barbie craze. Part of it is feeding my craving for crafting but mostly it's a birthday project for the kids. 

This post is dedicated to a tutorial for a Barbie brown office suit. 

Start off by making the patterns. The measurements were as described on the patterns:

Trace the back and collar pattern once on the fabric of your choice. The fabric I used for this one were old school shorts which were not very stretchy. Then, trace the front and arms pattern twice. Make sure to flip the pattern on the other side when tracing the second one. 

Next, sew the shoulders right side to right side. Then sew the arms. 

Sew the hems of the arms before closing them, sewing from the wrong sides of the fabric. Then sew the sides of the suit together from the wrong side of the fabric. 

Turning the suit on its right side after sewing could be a bit tricky on the arms. I used a long thin object to help me do this such as an unsharpened pencil. 

Then sew the hem of the suit. 

Finally, sew the collars along the front, nape part and around the other front. 

For the skirt, cut a rectangular piece by the size of 20cm x 10cm. Sew the hems at the bottom and at the top. Make sure that the garter you are using will fit into the hem at the top. The garter should be exactly as wide as Barbie's waist, which is very small. 

Using a safety pin, insert the garter inside the top hem. Meet both ends of the garter amnd sew. Then close the skirt by sewing the end sides together. 

And voila! Barbie's ready to go to work. :)

PS: I will no longer use the patterns and if anyone is interested to have it, just raise your hand up! :) I'll send it by post then

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