Friday, July 3, 2015

Barbie DIY Loft Bed

This is a brave attempt of mine to recreate a real life loft bed for a barbie one. It's a bit complicated to explain the process but I will try my very best.

Firstly, here is the fruit of my labour:

This is a modified version of a loft bed I have seen on the net. The real one looks like this:

The real one looked very daunting to recreate nevertheless I was attracted to it. Plus, it can accommodate 3 Barbies so I thought it's worth the effort. 

To start off, I bought my materials which was everything as I didn't bring my stash of crafting supplies when I came to Australia. I got the foam board from Daiso for $2.80ea. 2 of the white foam board was just exact for the whole loft bed. The one I bought has an adhesive on the other side so you may choose to stick a pattern. But then you'll have to change the other sides as well. I decided to just paint the adhesive side as white to make it simple. If you will use paint, do not remove the paper off from the adhesive side. 

You will also need a nice big cutter, long ruler, white paint, glue gun and glue sticks. 

Cut a rectangle from the foam board big enough for Barbie to lie down. Then cut the headboard. At the bottom, the board should only be half the length. The uncovered half is where the ladder should go. Glue the pieces together. 

Then cut two long strips as cover for one side. Cut two more rectangles of the same size for the support. 

Notice that the other rectangle was glued 5cm away from the edge. This is the space where the desk should go. 

For the side desk, make a pattern from paper first to get the desired curve at the sides. Trace this pattern twice remembering to flip the pattern over when tracing the opposite side of the desk. 

Then I glued the curved sides. I also glued 2 rectangles for the shelf and the working table. 

I realised that the working table was a bit short. It was because there wasn't enough foam board. To repair this, I cut another rectangle of the same size to use as a sliding desk which could extend up to the edge of the side of the desk. This one's a bit tricky to describe and I hadn't taken pictures. Basically, glue a rectangle under the sliding desk. Then glue two long rectangles at the end of the sliding desk as stopper so that when you pull the desk, it doesn't go all the way out. 

Glue a bead in the middle as a knob for pulling. 

Make a shelf under the loft bed. 

Then, proceed to the bigger bed. 

Cut a rectangular board big enough for 2 Barbies to lie down. Then cut another rectangle for the headboard. The headboard has to exactly the same size as the space under the shelf of the loft bed. 

Then cut a rectangle for the bottom support of the larger bed. Cut more board to make shelves under the bed. 

Then create a small bedside table. 

Notice that the headboard of the larger bed fits perfectly under the loft bed so that when I placed it in, they looked as if they are one unit. I preferred not to glue them together so that I can store them more easily. 

Finally, paint the gridlines white. This part I haven't done yet though. And the stairs too. 

I also made small pocketbooks to place on the shelf. The shelves under the big bed can be used for shoes or bags. 

Up next: mattresses and beddings! :)


  1. although it's a toy Barbie, perhaps loft bed with desk this would be very nice if made real. Thank you for this article has helped me in finding a loft bed suitable for my son :)

    1. Wow that was a really nice loft bed! I might make a miniature version of that.

      I was thinking the same. It would be nice to make a real one but it seems like too difficult.

      Anyway, thanks for visiting. Glad my blog helped you in a way :)


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