Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Winter Sassy Fashions

Just sharing this new find: a very useful item for winter. How I found it? I was looking into buying some gloves because it's going to get nasty cold this July and August, I don't wanna freeze in the cold while waiting at bus stops and stations.

I'm not a fan of gloves because it is not too convenient but this winter clothing is definitely an essential and a LOT LOT better too!

Hood, scarf and gloves in 1! Well, it is not actually gloves but pockets which is so much better for me so I can easily use my bare hands when I need to.

Haha, I know I don't look fashionable enough so pardon the title. But if anyone else is interested to acquire this intelligent invention (hehe) don't hesitate to ask ;)


  1. hahahahhaaa.. where did you get this? i'll be spending christmas/new year in a place where winter falls in december so, whether i like it or not i need to bring a lot of winter clothes. they're too heavy.. hahaha

    1. Wow would there be snow? I know someone from China who can supply this directly at your address. :)

    2. My personal email is tapaojenny(at)gmail(dot)com

  2. Interesting post Jenn! Its been a long time. Many good wishes from India. :)


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