Tuesday, June 10, 2014

My 31st Year of Existence

My 31st year of experience can't be any more special than it is now. And I didn't expect it to be this way. Thanks be to God again for the nice surprises! :)

First of all, when I was about to leave home to go to work this morning, my husband produced out of nowhere a surprise gift. It was a beautiful shoulder bag which I immediately used as soon as I received it hehe. I used to rate my husband as very poor when it comes to the element of surprise like the time he bought me the book I wanted but it was screaming itself off from where he hid it. But this year, I was totally caught off guard. Of course, the bag wasn't gift wrapped hehe but I am so happy he has improved greatly at this craft!

Next surprise was a call from a prospective employer. The interview outcome was positive and although there are still a few processes to undergo, or even if the employer changed his mind after all, the fact that they called me to offer the position is good enough for me as of the moment.

Thirdly, I got an email regarding the overall results of our tax course: I passed with a grade more than what was required plus the prospect of getting a part time job with them! This is a great relief for I have struggled with this course over the 17 week period it lasted. Midway through the course, I was about to give up and settled myself to expect no more than the certificate of attendance. It was tough juggling my time with studying and looking for jobs (and at the moment looking for a new house to rent too). There was hardly any time to relax or spend with family alone without having to worry about the outcome of this or that. Finally, I am at the last stage. Thank God.

And then lastly, the bags I ordered online for the kids finally came after more than 2 months of waiting! I thought I lost the money and kept my mind from thinking about it because I get stressed and disappointed. I have been nagging the seller non-stop cause he won't give me a definite response about the status of my order. Just when I was about to charge it to experience, voila! The bags came.

It was a stressful busy day at work today nevertheless it was a day full of nice surprises. And coming home to find your husband cooked my favourite pasta for dinner and the kids with their lovely thougtful handmade cards is just an amazing feeling. Plus there's nothing like loved ones and true friends greeting you and sending you messages to make your heart melt. Indeed, I appreciated all of these.

What a wonderful way to spend my 31st year of existence! Thanks be to God! :)


  1. Happy birthday! Glad you enjoyed your day with your loved ones. :)

  2. Happy Birthday! Naalala ko pa yung "failed" surpise attempt ni husband hehehehe How many years na ba yun? I really feel so old hahaha Pero seriously, sana makapunta ako dyan or kahit hindi, magkitakita tayo ulit ni bestfriend L mo :)

    1. Thanks Diane! I was just reading it now and can't stop laughing haha. I definitely wish makapunta ka nga. It would be so much fun to reunite here. I know you're going to love the libraries and parks! 😊

  3. well, well. Some days just bring in all the sunshine.
    P.s- You definitely do not look 31 years old, you look much younger.

    1. Hi Sweety! Thanks for dropping by and the kind words :) if you are refering to my pic at the header, that was taken 3 years ago ;) I have aged much since then hehe. :)


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