Sunday, January 26, 2014

Dear Sister Juliefer

Happy birthday to my beautiful, talented, loveable sister. you are a grown up lady now but to me, you will always be that baby sister who I have asked for as an ally but turned out to be another enemy. I remember being the youngest and only girl amongst our siblings. Being the centre of our brother's nasty teasing and obnoxious treatments, I always ended up crying. Even when I learned to defend back I always ended up crying. When dad called from the hospital to announce your birth I was crying. He was saying that my ally has been born to console me and that I will no longer cry (I can detect that slightest hint of irritation in his voice because I was crying again, a feeling which I've only understood recently). So I looked forward to your growth. A few years after, I started finding my stuff in mess or worse, missing, because of you. Don't worry, I have had my revenge. I used to hide your toys under the bed even though you wouldn't even notice and when you did, you'd have me get them anyway. So much for an ally hehe.

As a baby, you were really well behaved and good natured (what the heck happened??!). Even though there was always power outage every night you never fretted (that was the era when you couldn't tell your teacher that you failed to do homework due to no light because it was black out EVERY FREAKIN night). The music coming from the radio powered by the car always lulled you to sleep. I guess that was why you grew up so talented in music. Of course I am just being modest, you got some of it from me and I did train as you were growing up remember? :p

When you were about 4-5, My fascination was singing influenced highly by Spice Girls. I taught you their songs because you were so good with blending, a frustration I had with my self assumed girl band because we never sounded in harmony no matter how we tried (sorry cousins). But you, you blended so well with me. I even thought you the wavy style (vibrato accdg to internet) and you easily picked it up as young as you were. In fact, you were so good that you stole the lime light and performed at family gatherings to everyone's delight. Of course I was proud and happy until you started singing by yourself and refused to be taught by me.

During your late primary school days, your "Carrie"days (refer to Stephen King novel), you had a hard time dealing with the snobbish girls in school because you were so meek and mild (believe it or not). Whenever you had to undergo a difficult situation I felt furious. I remember when you were in Grade 6 and everyone in your class tried to bully you, even your teacher, I was distressed as if I was the one being harrased. One day, I decided to bring your lunch to school to check out on you. Wearing my highest high heeled slippers and maxi skirt, I went up to your classroom and with chin up and tallest stance, I asked loudly who's bullying you. I sat beside you throughout lunch and after that you just bloomed out of your shell and beat your classmates without effort. Naturally, you were intelligent and talented. You liked to surprise everyone with your hidden talents ie the piano recital and duet of "When You Believe" Mariah Carey's part.

Ever since then, you never stopped seizing the good things life has to offer. I am writing this to remind you that you are a bud of rose who contiues to bloom each year that God gives you. You have completely shed out your shell and have gone far from your comfort zone. Your contrasting traits of nonchalance (seemingly) and love for books and cats show that you are boundless and infinite. You are a special person and you deserve the best treatment from your man (ehem). I pray to God that you find happiness in Him. If I see you succeed and settled in life, happy, contented, then I know God has answered my prayer for you on your birthday. I am one proud sister.

May God always be with you. :)

PS: Sorry for the late post. Happy birthday for last 21 January 2013.

PPS: I would insert photos when I get the chance to scan the pictures I have in mind which are at our house over there so... It might take a long time. 


  1. Happy Birthday to your little sister no more :) This is something I never experienced, kasi wala akong younger sibling. Wish ko lang sana may blog din si baby sister. I would love to hear what she has to say about her great sister. Siguro mas nakakaiyak un :D

    1. Hi Diane... Impossible na mag-express si lil sis ng feelings nya in public hehe... Masisira ang astig nyang image, kung sassy ako, mas sassy kasi sya hehe...

      Did you remember though the "brown-out" era? hahaha... ;)

  2. Childhood is always lovely to remember :)
    Long time since I visited your nice blog Jenn. Best wishes!

    1. That is right Dilip especially if you have very nice memories :) Thank God I had a happy childhood which always inspired me. Thanks for visiting again. I am so blessed with having nice friends in the blogosphere :)


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