Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving

The 3 day international thanksgiving of the whole brethren for the 4th quarter of 2013 had just ended with a theme that says "masayang pagpapasalamat" or happy thanksgiving. Basically, it emphasizes that our service to the Lord must always be coupled with gladness in our hearts may we be in the midst of a trial or a blessing.

This particular thanksgiving celebration means extra special to me though for I have received a surprise gift. Once again, just when something big that matters to me seemed hopeless, God turns it around completely.

For almost 3 years, I cried silently about the situation of someone very important to me. There were times when I was inclined to blame myself for what happened to them, for my incapacity to help, for my incapacity to have prevented what happened. And I couldn't even pray to God to turn things around for fear that I might sin against Him. So I bore with the situation like a thorn in my heart. I battled against them even though it was difficult for they had been good providers to me but I had to prove that I didn't love them more than God.

Just when I started to accept things and detached myself spiritually from them, a spark of hope was given and eventually the desires of my heart. I know I am not deserving of this gift and mercy for I am not really the most obedient or faithful servant. Gladness was somewhat partial to me for, to be honest, I am very impatient when things don't go my way. I know I should change with all that has been proven to me. Once in my life, I too had been a hopeless case but God turned my life around and He'd given me more than I desired for. And now this. In between were His constant understanding and love that in every situtation I can proudly say that we were never forsaken. His plans were of course always the best.

This is the second time around that something big has been turned around to my surprise and I am more than gratified and delighted. I am forever grateful with gladness in my heart, all the days of my life...

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