Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Boxing Day, Then and Now

Last 26 December was the celebration of Boxing Day here in Australia. The first time I experienced it I found it rather disappointing because almost all shops were closed. Funny thing, when I heard that most people went to cinema during Boxing Day I thought it was to watch a Boxing match or something which was even boring, to me at least. To our enlightenment though, according to our relatives here, Boxing Day is actually a time when Australians open the gifts they have received on Christmas Day. Okay, I know it doesn't really take a whole day to do that and most people actually opened their gifts right away anyway so I figured out that they probably also watch regular movies or go to parks or just eat out too. Family stuff.

Last year, it didn’t matter that this was a no work holiday since we have just arrived and didn’t have jobs yet. After spending the eve of 25th over at relatives’ house, we went out at Blacktown the next day and as I have mentioned above, the entire Westpoint shopping centre was closed. Luckily though, a pharmacy next to it was open and had marked down clay and craft toys for kids. That was their very first Australia-bought toys.

This year, now that I have a job, I particularly looked forward to this day to spend time with my family with thrift shop hopping as one of the main activities. Usually, I have a few minutes to walk into thrift shops along the way to station every morning before I go to work as my shift doesn’t start until 11am. But it’s usually just for a maximum of 15 minutes. It is really not enough so I fantasy spending a day browsing through the shops with my husband to consult (and argue hehe) with. So that was my plan, to go thrift shop scouting on Boxing Day. I knew from experience that shops will be closed but I had to try my luck so we went to Penrith where it was supposedly the home of big thrift shops that is closest to our area. When we got there, my heart just sank. And we didn’t even eat breakfast so we could get there early.

Hungry and sad, we decided to eat at the first restaurant that we saw and that was Hog’s Breath. We tried their famous ribs, side salads and fish and chips for the kids. Overall, the experience was fairly satisfactory meaning, I was glad to have tried it out but I wouldn't prefer to go there again. First of all, it took so long to have our ordered food served. Next, I personally think that the food was good but not the kind that makes you think about eating there again. Finally, food was too pricey. Okay, erase the first two reasons. I’m not really choosy with food taste nor am I impatient I could actually wait. Food was pricey PERIOD.

After that devastating cost of food, we strolled around Penrith but everything was pretty much closed so we headed back to our dear home St Marys and try our luck with the Swimming Pools instead. Good thing, the pools were open but since we didn’t prepare for this, I had to go back to the house to get change clothes and towels for all of us while the kids and the husband took a dip in the pool without me. They were closing early, 5 pm, but we had like 2 hours to enjoy before something gruesome happened. This kid who was about 6 or 7 of age was approaching the pool with her shorts down and something yellowish could be seen through her undies. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that out and as if JAWS has come himself, we were out of the pool in no time. Sorry for that disgusting tale but it was part of that Boxing Day escapade that I just can’t leave out. Hehehe.

And then we went home tired but happy. Just as the kids were happy with their new toys last year, they were happy with their new adventures this year.

And that was how we spent the holiday then and now.

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  1. So 2013 has gone by peacefully and now we are in the New Year 2014. Wish you and you family all the joy and happiness in this year :)


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