Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Re-living "These Happy Golden Years"

I have been reading his bookby Laura Ingalls Wilder from her little house books series and found it delightful. She really is a good writer and she did a great job sharing her life stories in an amazing way. Her books could definitely take you back to the 1800s.

One particular part I enjoyed was their buggy ride in spring time. Almanzo, who became Laura's husband when she got older, often went to pick her up for the rides and although Laura didn't consider him to become her beau, I found it cute and romantic. Yesterday, the neighbours brought out this thing that's strapped to a bike which I fancy as a buggy and when I saw the kids riding at the back, I just had to take pictures. They were so like these happy golden years. ;)

The buggy ride with the handsome horseman riding the bike instead of the horse
and the beautiful princesses at the back :D

Oh no! Buggy ride went all wrong!
(Despite the looks of it, nobody was harmed in this incident. :D)

These are my own happy golden years...


  1. Sa isip ko, ang bait naman ni Kuya :) But when I saw the last photo ayayay! haha Wawa naman si bunso haha But good thing, no one got hurt

    PS at tlagang na-picturan mo ha

  2. Hahaha yup Diane. Actually maayos yan nung pag-click ko naging ganyan ang kuha hehehe.


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