Friday, February 15, 2013

Demi's Progress

This week, we went to Demi's school to attend the Meet the Teachers for updates. Fortunately, the meeting was held inside their classroom so I was able to look around and see their projects. I am a little worried for my daughter because her first language is Tagalog although I think she picks up real well. But at home, we still speak our native language so I am not sure of her progress in speaking English.

Just a bit of story, one afternoon while picking her up from school, the teacher told me to pack more food for her lunch cause she was telling the teacher that she was hungry. I was a bit surprised cause she never complained of being hungry at home ever. She's the type of kid who wouldn't eat unless she's told and that's the last thing she wanted to do on her list. I told Mrs. Carstens that maybe Demi was just having a hard time expressing herself in English but the teacher declared that Demi was having no problems at all and can tell the teacher exactly what she needs. I was relieved alright but felt a little ashamed if Demi was indeed hungry. Well, I'd prefer to pack her more lunch of course. That was good news to me.

Anyway, going back, when I saw this on the wall at the back of their classroom I was really proud and thankful! They were 24 students in the KH class but only 8 of them got this blue award! And stretching the boasting a little, partida pa yan, she doesn't speak English fluently yet. :D

With Demi's progress in school being quite well, I could relax a little for now... :D


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