Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Trip to Sydney

Finally, I was able to take the kids to Sydney at their request last 6 January. Demi has been plaguing me to go there to get close to the harbor and water. She has that much desire with oceans and seas. Sunday is the best time to travel around here because they have the Family Fun Day here every Sunday when the fare is fixed at $2.50 per person provided that there is a 1:1 ratio of adult and child in the family. Plus, children below 4 are free so the whole trip cost us only $7.50 covering all bus, train and ferry rides.
Below is the map showing our itinerary:

1.       We took the bus to Mt. Druitt station.
2.       From Mt. Druitt station, we rode the yellow line to Town Hall station.
3.       From Town Hall, we transferred to the blue line and got off at Circular Quay.

After more than an hour travel, the kids happily arrived at Sydney! It was a very hot afternoon but the breeze was cool and they enjoyed the grass and birds and well, the harbor of course, which was what Demi wanted all this time.

After a while, we walked to the far end where the Opera House is but the kids liked the other side better where there’s shade and grass. So we just took some pictures and decided to try the ferry and so the journey continued.

4.       At Circular Quay wharf, we rode the ferry up until Meadowbank wharf. I particularly asked for the ferry which will stop near a train station but it turned out that Meadowbank station is still a few minutes walk from the wharf.

The majestic view from the ferry kept the kids awake despite that they were getting very sleepy already.

5.       From the Meadowbank station, we rode the red line and got off at Strathfield to transfer to the yellow line.
6.       From Strathfield, we got off at Blacktown.
7.       From Blacktown, we should have taken the bus but we took the train to Mt. Druitt again thinking that it would be a lot faster.
8.       As it turned out, waiting for the bus at Mt. Druitt took us some 30 minutes and it was dark when we got home at 10pm.

the look of being lost in an unfamiliar land...

The whole trip was just for half day but transferring from one ride to another was so tiring. Still, the kids enjoyed their first trip to Sydney and it was a very well spent $7.50 fare. :)


  1. Thanks for the tour too :) At least I have an idea of life in Australia. I'm looking forward to more of your "Life in Aussie" posts :)

    Have a great week jen!

  2. At least you enjoyed...traveling could really be tiring but the experience is worth it. :-)


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