Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Sound Trip # 13: I Know by Yasmien Kurdi

Ummm... let's be cute today. I just hope not too many people see this post hehe. Don't get me wrong, I mean I really like this song, it's simple (like a teenage puppy love poem) and Yasmien has a good singing voice here. Just a bit "stoppy" as if she's trying to remember where to pause or like being too conscious about the tempo and timing. Still I liked this song *geez I'm blushing hahaha*

It hurts the sassy pride y'know. This song is "tweetums" and cheesy stuff (which I prefer in pizzas only) and I'm not like those things... It's just that... I like it in all honesty and I'd like to sing this song to the husband when I'm in that cheesy mood (darn I let it out!). Don't look at me with raised eyebrows... okay... I KNOW. >:(

Apparently, I even got her name spelling right *sheesh* (last note: I'm not a die hard fan okay? thanks...)



  1. I like this too.. I remember this was the theme song of a tagalized Korean drama on GMA a few years ago, Sweet 18? Yung kay Lee Dong Gun? Hahaha. Kinikilig ako. :D

    1. Really? I'm so relieved to know that! Haha. I don't know about this Korean drama but sounds nice. They're actually great at making romantic comedies (and heart wrenching dramas as well). :D

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