Friday, November 30, 2012

Newfound Friends

Funny how things end up better than we sometimes expect it, as with the case of the Skillmax Course I took which began during the last week of October 2012. When I enrolled in this 5-week jobseekers’ course, my main objective was to find a job as soon as possible. In fact, I didn’t expect that I’d finish the course at all. My friend, Lanie, had been guiding me since we met a week after I came to Australia even before I took this course. So I had an idea what to expect and this actually killed the interest a little so it got me a bit bored during the first week of the course.

Top (from L to R): Abhishek, Jenny, Yan, Lalitha, Aswini, Harmanpreet, Mythily, Runpinder, Stephen
Bottom (from L to ): Majid, Dewa, Saeed
Excellent class ^-^
Taken after Saeed left for his family back in his home country. Good luck to you mate! See you when you return here with your family. ^-^

We started out 16 in the class. Most of us were from India, two from China and I was the only Filipino student. A week afterwards, one of us got a job which was great! The teacher did inform us that towards the end of the course, the class would be getting smaller because some of us would be getting a job. But it ended there. Up until the last week, the class didn’t get small mostly because of the season.

Yesterday was our last day in classes. We decided to have a simple lunch party to celebrate our friendship. We were not just classmates anymore but friends who support each other towards our goal. Indeed, everyone was just so helpful. One of us went back to his home country and will return next year with his family. Some of us will be taking additional studies. Others have found volunteer jobs and the rest of us would be pretty much keeping hopeful that we get our jobs if not this year, God willing early next year.

It’s funny how much we know about each other now. When I first met them, I thought I won’t be able to even associate their names with their faces, which is a talent I am very poor at. But throughout the short period we’ve been together, sharing burdens, happiness, interests, opportunities, we gained new friends. We could talk among us and point out the soft skills we demonstrate in each experience… Hehe, just kiddling. It’s kind of a private joke that all this job hunting stuff would stick to us like glue forever… ok that’s exaggerating of course, just until we get a job.

We may not have gotten out of the course with a job but we gained something more important, friends. For new migrants like us, who encounter the difficulties of first time settlement coupled with the nagging feeling of missing our home country, meeting new friends is a very fulfilling experience. It helps a lot in keeping us from getting despondent. Yesterday, we went home feeling happy and sad at the same time. We will not be witnessing each other’s mock panel and one-on-one interviews anymore but I know we will continue supporting each other in achieving that actual interview.  The class has ended but not our friendship. We have become part of each other’s journey in this new chapter of our lives which we have started in our new home… and I thank God for this simple experience which I now value as a gift.


  1. So happy for you Jen! You are starting to build your own group of friends.. and I know gradually you will find more at soon that dream job will find you too :)

    1. Thanks Diane! I do hope that the next time someone asks me if I have a job already, my answer would be yes, thank God! =)

  2. I hope you don't lose touch with them. They seem like nice people. And I also hope you get a job soon!


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