Sunday, October 7, 2012

So Mr. Voyager, Shall We?

For many consecutive Sundays, I didn't post my usual "Sunday Sound Trips." For one thing, I didn't feel like sound tripping. It's more of the relaxed weekends which I no longer want to have in the meantime. Weekends have to be action-packed these days to maximize the remaining days I have before I leave. It's only a week now until my dreaded departure and yet I haven't packed a single thing in my luggage bag. Well, I have been preparing. Checking things that I needed to bring and buying those that I might need. But as you can see, Mr. Voyager is still inside his plastic. Untouched. Even dreaded maybe.

But it's now or never. If I don't face this now (or rather later after posting this blog), I'll never get enough time to make inventory list of the things I'm bringing.
What made the delay was mostly distraction actually. With the few days left for me to create memories with my loved ones, it was difficult to allot time for the Voyager.

Time have been spent worthwhile though, so there were no regrets. First off, I had just recently resigned from work, 28 September was my last day to be exact. Of course, the last days at work were the most hectic ones. What with the job turnover and all, and the making of the souvenirs for my dearest friends (which I'm gonna post a tutorial of one of these days),
Sample souvenir magnet
plus the planning of the despedida party which was a surprise for me, there was simply not enough time for other things. At this point before I move forward, I'd like to express my sincerest thanks to my bosses at Philex Mining Corporation, sir RNM, ma'am PNM, and ma'am SPS. To the Finance team in general, as well some friends from the rest of the departments, thanks also. Until now, I can't get over the gratitude.

Moving on, aside from the resignation from work, there was the outing with "relatives". This one's a little bit complicated and I don't feel like pouring in the details hehe. I just had to grab at the opportunity now because it might take some time again to see them in the future.

Then there were the occasions with my family and in-laws. For 2 consecutive Saturdays, we spent time with my husband's family for a whole day, the second Saturday with my family as well. The most recent one, which was just yesterday was a swimming party in Bosay Resort Antipolo. It was Normel's birthday coupled with my despedida I guess. Thanks so much to Normel for sponsoring and to ate Marie for the foods.

And now, while the kids are still asleep, I'm gonna make some bonding time with the Voyager. So, Mr. Voyager, it's now or never... Shall we?


  1. Oh why did you quit :(
    Hey Jenn the pictures are nice.
    Cheers :)

    1. Thanks! I had to Dilip. I'll be leaving tomorrow for another country. Have to leave the family behind first, that's the sad part... :(

  2. Ay nako nakakapagod talaga ang days before you leave.. So much to do and people to see. Its fine tho.. Kase baka matagalan or hindi mo na sila ulet makita. Anyway, goodluck to your family and happy trip! :)

  3. PS: Prepare your nose for the Aussie accent. Haha

    1. Thanks AC. So darn right. So little time so much to do, that's why I can't help getting pissed at some people who try to waste my precious time...

      Hahaha! I'm bringing lots of tissue paper!

  4. Jenn!

    How's Australia treating you, mate?

    1. Hello Addie! I'm just starting to get over the homesickness stage after I've seen my family via webcam yesterday. Have adopted to their clock as well. :D

      I think it's gonna be a hard time with the accent though hahaha!

      Thanks for checking out on me. *hugs*


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