Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The Lorax: My Kids' Latest Fave

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I think it has been almost a month since I introduced this new movie to my kids. That was after we all got fed up and felt the need for something to replace Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, which was Daisy's addiction before The Lorax. For five times a day, she'd ask someone to play the DVD and dance to all its musical part. I was successful with the divertion except that she got hooked with Lorax instead. For five times a day, she'd ask someone to play the DVD and dance to all its musical part. But wait a minute, didn't I just said that already?

Anyway, not that I'm complaining. I enjoyed the movie myself. For me, the whole 1 and half hour was action-packed so there never was a dull moment. Plus, the Once-ler was very comical and I can't help but laugh at so many of his naughtiness particularly his reaction when he realized that the Lorax was the one who sent his bed to the river haha.

Who wouldn't want a movie that's so full of laughter, good music, profound insights, and could tug at the heartstrings at the perfect timing? That's the quality of the whole movie package. I believe it had been altered from its original book basis which was written by Dr. Seuss. But the changes made were graceful and actually made the story better perhaps.

So what's the fuss about The Lorax? The Lorax was a mythical creature "who speaks for the trees because they don't have tongue." He was accidentally summoned by the Once-ler when he chopped down a Truffula tree to make his all-purpose invention the "thneed." The Lorax tried to drive him away from the "paradise" except that the Once-ler promised never to chop down another tree again.

When his invention turned a success though, the dilemma started. The Once-ler called on his family to help him with his business, but lazy as they were, they disagreed to harvesting the "thneed" materials the nature-friendly way and coaxed the Once-ler to chop down trees. In the end, greed had gotten the best of him, he forgot his promise never to chop down trees again, and "biggered" his company, factory and corporate sign.

Soon his "biggering" activities destroyed the paradise but the Once-ler was so focused with his success and according to him, nothing was going to stop him. But when the last Truffula tree fell, he realized that the paradise had been destroyed and that fall of the last tree was also the signal for the fall of his business.

Without a home, the animals in the paradise deserted him. Without a business, his family deserted him. Without the trees, the Lorax deserted him, leaving behind a slab of stone that says "UNLESS."

What will the Once-ler's next step be? Will he find out what the Lorax meant with UNLESS? Will the paradise still be restored? And what happens to life without trees?

Overall, the Lorax is a very light movie recommendable for all ages. The music is really interesting and nice. As for the lessons, I think it's more than the environmental message that people should fight against illegal logging. On a broader view, I think it is also about harnessing our corporate greed, or just greed in general and about caring more in order to see the changes for the better that we want to see.

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  1. This is such a great movie!! I just got it for my little sister to watch ( she's 8 ), and she has been watching it on repeat for so long now. ^^ I really like how playful they made this movie.

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