Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Demi's 1st Quarter in School

Time flies so fast! Cliche right? But it's so true and I feel it pushing on my panic buttons, no denying. Demi's schooling have gone smooth so far. In fact, she's performing with flying colors. 

She has been awarded this very cute Merit Certificate:

Talent-wise, she's not lagging either as she had won 1st place during last month's competition for the Linggo ng Wika celebration.

The report cards' had been released last weekend with their grades for the 1st quarter. I'm quite pleased with the results of course. :)

Can't help feeling proud. Thank God for the happiness. I hope this is just the start. I wish I'd be going up the stage someday for both Demi and Daisy. My parents were sure happy when it happened. I wonder what the feeling would be like. Although I know it's gonna be ecstatic, in fact, the major reason I worked hard on my college graduation was to make my parents feel this at least even once, I'd look forward to experience this also.

Pulling myself back to NOW (hehe), I'd say thank God and congratulations to my baby!


  1. Congrats! You are doing a good job baby!

    Jenn , I know you are busy but you may wanna take time to check my site as I have nominated you for Liebster. Thanks girl!

  2. We are happy that you now feel with Demi how we felt before when you and your brothers performed the same in school when you were kids. You will feel more but I can't find words to describe how it felt going up the stage on a college graduation day to acknowledge an outstanding daughter. God willing we hope and pray that Demi and Desi would also finish their college course the way you did.

  3. Lovely blog.


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