Wednesday, August 22, 2012

An Introduction: My Family

This post is particularly made for my kins in OZ who deserve a little bit of introduction about my lovely children and husband before they actually see each other hopefully next year, God willing. I've been meaning to make a post about them even before this necessity came, so the request from tita Angie is actually very timely. Without further ado, let me begin with my eldest daughter.

This is Demi Jenn. She's turning 5 on November 9 this year. She started schooling this June and enjoys it. I named her after a character from Little Men by Louisa May Alcott (a sequel book to the classic Little Women by the same author). It's actually Demi-John, the male twin child of Meg but when I learned I was carrying a girl, I shifted the second name to Jenn. I kinda liked this idea of naming her after me. Like a junior. Some of my friends thought the same and even called her Jenny Junior hehe. In fact, she was so like me when I was little.

I think the most apparent proof is the body built. Although this little girl consumes reasonably enough food everyday, she stays as skinny as she is. But mind you, she's VERY HYPER ACTIVE, if the adjective is not redundant. I have no choice but this is the most fitting phrase to describe her. Practically, she can't sit still and doing nothing is her greates agitation. She doesn't have ADHD though, I can attest to that. :) Some other trivial facts about her include her being left handed and her addiction to fishes and everything under the sea.

My second daughter is Daisy Jenn. I named her after the twin sister of Demi-John in the book, Daisy, and attached the name Jenn after it. However, unlike the character who is very shy and reserved, my daughter turned out to be very lively and playful. She could be prone-accident due to this which is why we filled the house-floor with thick mats. At first meeting, especially if you're a guy, Daisy would shy away and even cry.

When she was born, she was so like her father. From hair line, to nose, to skin complexion... everything was Nilo-ish. I was glad though that after a year, she had shed off majority of this boyish looks and looked more like me. Because Daisy's a girl, she should tend to be more like mommy hehe (the selfish notions of a mom like me). She's just turning 3 this 16th of October so she doesn't go to school yet.

They enjoy watching cartoons on TV particularly:

Disney (mostly the modern ones) like:

Brother Bear 1&2
Little Mermaid 1&2 (where Demi got her everlasting fondness of fishes and everything under the sea)

Some creepy cartoons with lessons:

Nightmare before christmas (they never get tired of this presently)


Hi-5 (so far this is one OZ exposure)

Other times, they're into watching YouTube videos of cake making and miniature clay molding of foods. They sometimes shift to games and cartoons (again).

Moving on, I'd like to introduce my husband Nilo lastly but not the least:

This was our pic from 2010's Company xmas party. I know he'd gravely disagree with me in case I put here a solo picture of his unless it's the picture of his counterpart (not counterfeit hehe).

He'd kill me if he sees this hahaha!

(A famous local actor, Coco Martin. Photo Source here)

My husband and I met each other in Friendster, it's the predecessor of Facebook, at the time when I had just started my work at the audit firm. He's an OFW in KSA, Jubail for almost 6 years. :)

It's crazy sometimes, how love works but I'm most thankful to God for a responsible husband and father. I couldn't have imagined and asked for someone else.

Bottom line is, I am most gratified having a God-given family. :) I am most proud of them.


  1. Ang cute ng name ng kids mo. i love Little Women novels too. :)

    1. You tell me. I cried when Beth died. :'(

    2. What? Beth dieeeeeeeeeeeed?! No, no, noooo...I didn't just read this! Har!

  2. Bevy of beauties! Nilo is one lucky man!

    I like their names, Demi and Daisy with Jenn as their second name. Like them, my second name is actually my mom's. My first name is Ma. (a Jr. equivalent). Cool. I want to name my future children after their grandparents.

    I like that you write a lot about your daughters. Keep it up, I'm sure they'd be all giggles when they're old enough to read this.

    Have you been to this site ( Might give you an idea.

    1. I always had my share in naming our pets before and I made sure the names matched them. For my babies, I used the entire conception period contemplating on the right names. I wanted something simple, unique, and profound haha.

      Naming them after yourself feels like passing on a legacy hehe. It adds to the connection which I want to maintain with my kids even when they're all grown up.

      I've had a glimpse of this wonderful site you just shared. Thanks for this, it already melted my heart just to read a blog.

  3. And thanks for turning off the CAPTCHAs. :P

    1. Just so you'd always let me know what you think mate! ;)

  4. And oh.. I forgot to share, my second name is actually my mom's name. Hihi. :)

  5. I hope I could meet your two kids :) Have a great week!

    1. That would be lovely Diane. I'll try to set a date when we could take the kids out and meet up friends simultaneously. Otherwise you are very much welcome to come to the house. I also have something for you which I'm still contemplating whether I'd give personally or via courier hehe. ;)

  6. Lovely family and a handsome husband! May you all be happy always :)


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