Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Rainy Days and Craft Days

This isn’t like the song by the Carpenters that goes “rainy days and Mondays always get me down” hehe. In fact, it’s quite the opposite because the recent rainy days got me inspired with craft-making.

The past weekend had been a rainy one. We woke up early Friday to discover that the constant pouring of rain has caused flash floods. So practically, we were confined inside the house. This is normal anyway, we don’t frequently go out except when there’s an errand to run, groceries to do, or when the kids are scheduled to go strolling but I don’t know, I felt restless the whole weekend. The husband told me it’s a nice weather to sleep in but I didn’t feel like taking naps with them either.

A tape applicator (source here)
So I made most of my time while the kids were taking their afternoon naps. Last Saturday, I took out their tiny alphabet mats and started taping them on the bedroom wall, a project that I have been planning to get done the moment I bought the mats. My hesitation in the beginning was due to fear that I might damage the paint but I later on discovered that taping is safe. The prolonged overdue was because of my usual procrastination. Fortunately, the mats were still complete although some of the letters were already missing. And mind you, it might look so simple to make but the double sided tape I used made everything difficult. The outside seal just won't get off. I suggest to anyone who would like to do the same to use a tape applicator. Things like this make life easier ;)
Sunday, the kids took their naps longer than usual which means longer hours for me too :) The stormy weather was really conducive to snoozing and crafting. I took out my very disorganized stash of beads and art materials and used the hours brainstorming on what to create. I have plenty of unused pins and clips. At first, I wanted to make a brooch and was able to make one actually, but I didn’t like it very much. It's a dragonfly but the husband said it's like a cross. Darn... It looked so childish and I don’t think I have the guts to use it until the husband suggested that I make clips for Demi. Great idea! It has been a while too when she stared mentioning to me with admiration about her older classmate who always wears pretty clips on her hair. I made little roses from ribbons and put on some pearls in the middle. And the outcome?  
The yellow and blue clips go very well with Demi's uniform. I'm overjoyed!

My very disorganized beads case :p

Although rainy days and craft days get together real well, I think I don’t need another stormy weather just to get myself up and work. :) Hopefully, I’d be able to make some more next time and probably, I'll include a tutorial post too for the other crafters at heart out there.


Your thoughts are welcome :)