Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Life In An Overview

After the excitement caused by the fulfillment of one of my greatest dreams, it's time to put my feet back on the ground and face normal life again. We don't plan to leave until next year, January or February. There's so much to take care of, money being the greatest concern perhaps? Hehe. It's still 6 months away, there's school and work to continue and plenty of planning and writing (because I plan to leave letters to each people who are dear to me). I want everything to be as smooth as possible, to spend time as much as possible, and leave everything else to God. So I think we all need to live this 6 months as normal as it can be, setting aside first that in a matter of months, we'd be miles and miles away from our families. It's depressing at the same time.

But that's the roller coaster ride that's called life. Looking back, I had been through so many sharp turns and had worked my way through the most difficult obstacles. After that, I remembered being taught to value life better.

Just recently I stumbled upon the list of things I'd like to do in 1,001 days (about 3 years). I believe I wrote it down sometime in 2008 and was glad that I was able to achieve 2 out 13 hehe. It wasn't quite a list, you see, just 13, but the thing is, they were long term goals. Anyway, here's the list. I'm sharing them as honestly as I can haha:

  1. Scrapbooking for Demi (now there's Daisy too!)
  2. Learn how to drive
  3. Save and create slides of digital pictures (which continue to grow now so I'm doomed)
  4. Clothes-giving project - partially achieved
  5. Application of migration to Australia - done or should I say, GRANTED! :D
  6. Arrange bedroom (pertains to bedroom in my parents' house so...)
  7. Wash own clothes (sheepish smile here)
  8. Demi's change of name - done too :)
  9. Book bind our correspondence (our love story accounted in emails)
  10. Learn another language
  11. Learn how to cartwheel
  12. Learn a musical instrument
  13. Learn baking

I think with the great turnover in my life, I'll be updating this list soon minus the deadline. It will become a list of things to do throughout my lifetime (as long as God permits me to live that is). I think I need to include some career development here, although I have been denying this goal in the past because I was more keen with the extra-curricular activities, or maybe because of fear (ok I admit it, fear).
And, it feels good to know that because we could finally settle down, planning for our own simple house would be an experience I'll enjoy. I have always wanted a library or an office den. I'd like to have a library so that when my sister visits over, I'd have a place where she could stay hahaha.

It could be like this bright den (Photo source)

Or this cozy one (Photo Source)

And it can't hurt to be a little more ambitious haha! (Photo Source)
Back then I also wanted a playroom, but the kids have grown up so maybe a recreation room would do. I'd put the fiction books inside the recreation room because I prefer reading over watching hehe.

A small recreation room like this would do. Take note of the books! (Photo Source)

Or this where we could huddle together every weekend nights (Photo Source)
Or maybe we could include a small garden in the yard because Nilo wants to, but he's gonna take care of the insects, I'm all eeky about that.
A small garden like this would do perhaps... (Photo Source)

Or just a few greens on the front yard (Photo Source)

Planning a home is just one of the things I'm looking forward to. There's much more I know, opportunities and struggles alike. Dreams not just for me, for the husband and for the kids, but for the family we'll be leaving behind... I hope someday, there'd be a way to reunite.

And all these may be in God's will...


  1. I also dream of having my own mini Japanese inspired garden.

    Before your family leaves, I really hope we could meet up. Please make it possible ha :D Perhaps a dinner after Xmas or before New Year.

    1. I know you're one of the persons who love gardens and pathways!

      Yes Diane, of course. I'm including that in my in plans right now. :)

  2. Ang nice nung library na 2 floors! Haha, pwede bang may area na may mat at mga pillows, parang yung grade school library lang sa St. Scho? :))

    1. Tama gusto ko ng ganun! Yun ang magiging haven ko if ever I need to be alone hehehe... Kaso baka hindi na ko matulog sa bedroom kasi everytime na magbabasa ko dun na rin ako makakatulog. Tapos isasama ko pa yung dalawang bata haha.


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